Hu Bing: when you wash your face, pat bubbles will help deep cleaning. Netizen: I feel that I have washed my face for many years

Because of the existence of skin barrier, even if the number of times of cleaning, it is only in the layer by layer of cleaning the cuticle layer of the skin surface, at the same time, it will damage the sebum membrane, and finally cause skin barrier damage, which is more likely to lead to various skin problems. Today, a little friend sent me a little red book video from Mr. Hu Bing, which is a cleaning method shared by Mr. Hu Bing. It is said that it can not only clean the cuticle on the surface of the skin, but also can really achieve deep cleaning through such a method, so that the dirty things in the skin are cleaned out along with the pores. < p > < p > the method shared by Mr. Hu Bing is: first, clean the skin surface with a cleansing product, and then gently press on the skin surface with a cleansing product with rich bubbles. < / P > < p > by pressing, the cleaning product can penetrate into the skin, and clean the deep layer of the skin, so that the dirty things at the bottom of the skin can be discharged along the pores. < / P > < p > in fact, the biggest question about this video should be whether the cleansing product can be pressed into the skin and the bottom layer of the skin can be deeply cleaned by pressing gently? < / P > < p > in this video, Mr. Hu Bing said that the skin is layer by layer, like a sponge, so the dirty things on the skin can be discharged by tapping and pressing. < / P > < p > the skin is indeed layer by layer, but it is not like a sponge that can absorb water, nor can it come out by pressing the contents of the skin like a sponge. If it’s true, it’s horrible. < / P > < p > we have always stressed that, from the perspective of skin care, the most important thing is the skin barrier. Although the skin barrier composed of cuticle and sebaceous membrane is only two sheets of A4 paper thickness, healthy skin barrier can block most of the irritant ingredients out. < / P > < p > however, a small amount of active ingredients in skin care products mainly enter the stratum corneum through penetration. Therefore, the interior of the skin is not as dirty as you think, and there is no need for deep cleaning. On the other hand, the main component of cleaning products is surfactant. Surfactants are small molecules that penetrate the skin more easily than most of them. < p > < p > after entering the skin, surfactants are easy to cause abnormal keratin metabolism, and more likely to cause problems such as pore blockage, skin roughness and darkening. However, in fact, it is the oil secreted by the skin and the angle plug formed by the old and non metabolized cuticle that causes the pore blockage. It’s not skin care ingredients or cosmetic particles. < / P > < p > from the perspective of cleaning, the correct cleaning should not only remove the dust and dirt on the skin surface, but also retain a certain amount of sebum membrane. To avoid excessive loss of sebum membrane leading to poor skin moisturizing ability. < / P > < p > therefore, a good cleaning product should be mild. Mild amino acid surface activity and APG are recommended for all. Although the soap based surface activity is very refreshing after washing, excessive cleaning will damage the skin barrier and skin surface pH value and affect the skin health. < / P > < p > for example, for most people, it’s OK to wash your face with warm water in the morning. Night cleaning also does not require repeated use of cleaning products once a time. Multiple cleaning just acts on the skin barrier, thinning the cuticle and reducing the sebum membrane. < / P > < p > I read a post before saying that it takes 3 minutes to wash your face. I was really scared. The main component of cleaning products is surfactant. Any surfactant has the risk of penetrating into stratum corneum and affecting cuticle metabolism. The difference is that mild cleaning products are less likely to have residual active ingredients. < / P > < p > therefore, do not let the cleaning products stay on the face for too long. At the same time, we can also calculate that the various antioxidant, whitening and other active ingredients in cleaning products are not important. What’s the use of not penetrating into the skin? In fact, cleaning is not complicated. Choose the right mild cleansing products, reduce the frequency of use, reduce the surface active ingredients in the skin surface stay time, reduce irritation. < / P > < p > OK, the above is today’s content, I hope it can help you ~ my name is Miya, if you want to know more reliable beauty knowledge, please remember to praise and pay attention to ~= target=_ blank>Your name will always exist on the Internet