“Huangmianpo” beauty prescription: this kind of Chinese patent medicine for nourishing both qi and blood is very needed by women over 30 years old

Some time ago, there was a TV play called, which was popular for a summer, and the age of competition was over 30 years old. < / P > < p > look at yourself again. You look pale, weak, dizzy, and your skin begins to wrinkle. Your body is no longer straight. You can only laugh at yourself when you are old and call yourself “yellow faced woman”. < / P > < p > if you observe, you will find that there are far more women than men with deficiency of Qi and blood. This is determined by the physiological structure. Not to mention that the female compatriots always lose blood for several days a month, it is said that giving birth to a child will consume a lot of Qi and blood. If the nursing period is not well maintained, the Qi and blood deficiency is even more serious. However, women all know the hard work of taking care of children. They can’t sleep a whole night if they are fed once every two hours. Their children have not been weaned and have to go to work again. So they can only use one word to describe them: exhausted. < / P > < p > many female friends with bad skin and poor complexion will feel that they have blood deficiency, so they try their best to replenish blood. For example, they often eat red dates and drink brown sugar water. In fact, it is useless to just invigorate blood. < p > < p > because blood is the mother of Qi and Qi is the commander of blood, the two are born and accompanied. If you don’t replenish qi and light replenish blood, then what you fill in is dead blood. If Qi moves, blood moves. Blood cannot run without the promotion of Qi. If Qi is insufficient, blood stasis will occur. < / P > < p > this is actually a combination of the classic Qi tonic “Sijunzi Decoction” and the classic blood tonic “Siwu Decoction”. Therefore, if you take this kind of Chinese patent medicine directly, you can reach the goal in one step and replenish both qi and blood. < / P > < p > this Chinese patent medicine is brown black honey pill or black brown big honey pill. It tastes sweet and slightly bitter. It is usually taken on an empty stomach. Once you get up in the morning, you can take 1-2 pills at a time, and then take 1-2 pills when you are sleeping at night. This kind of tonic prescription can not be effective immediately, and the effect is also slow. It starts from the drop by drop. Therefore, we should be prepared to fight a protracted war. It is best to start tonifying after the beginning of autumn and eat until the beginning of spring. < / P > < p > in addition to the deficiency of Qi and blood, many people also have spleen and stomach weakness. What symptoms? Such as abdominal distension after meals, loss of appetite, long-term loose stool sticky toilet, eating cold or spicy food on abdominal pain and diarrhea. < p > < p > Bazhen cake and Bazhen pill sound like each other, but they are actually two things. The materials of Bazhen cake are Poria cocos, white lentils, lotus seed meat, job’s tears, Huai yam, Euryale ferox, hawthorn and malt, which are used to strengthen the spleen and stomach and eliminate food accumulation. This recipe was written by Chen Shigong, a famous doctor in the Ming Dynasty. Later, it was promoted by Qianlong and Cixi in the Qing Dynasty, and became the famous “Qinggong Bazhen cake”. Because the materials are both medicine and food, and the cakes are delicious, they are called “the first cake for health preservation in the ages”. Home