Hunan Olympic champion Liu Xuan!

Yesterday, Liu Xuan, a former Olympic gymnastics champion, showed her latest picture of her pregnancy: in the photo, Liu Xuan, with a big pregnant belly, completed the movements of handstand and word splitting, claiming to be “Superman mother”. Is this action really suitable for pregnant women? Experts clearly said that pregnant women are not recommended to do so, but also against pregnant women to follow suit, “like pregnant women on their handstands, if in unstable conditions, there may be a risk of falling down and injury; pregnant women’s horse, may cause pain in the pubic region.” < p > < p > on September 8, gymnastics Olympic champion Liu Xuan released a group of sports photos during pregnancy through her social network account, and quickly posted on microblog hot search, “Liu Xuan’s pregnant belly upside down photo” has reached a line of 100 million. < p > < p > a month ago, Liu Xuan announced the good news of her second child. In this group of prenatal photos of two children, Liu Xuan calls herself “Superman mother”. In the photo, she has a big pregnant belly and easily completes difficult yoga movements such as handstand and word splitting. Liu Xuan’s son also pressed his face against her stomach and gently stroked his mother’s stomach, which was very warm. < p > < p > so, are Liu Xuan’s handstand, one character horse, Chen Yihan’s 5km running, and he Wenna’s foot yoga ball are all the sports advocated during pregnancy? < / P > < p > “we don’t recommend pregnant women to do this. Liu Xuan may do this for a better look. Doctors will not recommend pregnant women to do excessive stretching and splitting. Pregnant women need to keep their pelvis stable.” Song Yan, who is in charge of the pregnant women’s School of Chengdu women’s and children’s central hospital and instructor of pregnancy and childbirth movement, said, “Liu Xuan’s pose is OK. It’s under the premise of safety protection. In reality, if pregnant women exercise like this for a long time, it may cause some risky consequences. For example, if a pregnant woman stands on her head, if she is unstable, she may fall down and get hurt; if a pregnant woman is a horse, she may cause pain in the pubic region < p > < p > Song Yan suggested that “pregnant women exercise differently from person to person. For example, Liu Xuan and Chen Yihan have a good foundation, while pelvic floor muscles and abdominal core are very good. At the same time, there will also be special teachers to develop exercise programs for pregnant women. Ordinary people’s physical training at ordinary times has not reached their intensity, let alone during pregnancy. All pregnant women’s sports are based on safety and closely related to everyone’s physical condition < / P > < p > “whether it’s for the sake of your baby or your own health, proper exercise is good for pregnant women.” Song Yan said that in terms of physiology, proper exercise during pregnancy can improve aerobic fitness, improve circulation and digestive system, improve sleep quality, and reduce human intervention in production, such as fetal aspiration, forceps, caesarean section, etc. Song Yan also introduced that exercise during pregnancy can enhance muscle strength and endurance, thus improving muscle efficiency during childbirth. To improve the range of motion, improve balance and coordination; to improve muscle lines, and to increase the support of joints; to increase flexibility and mobility; to improve posture and prevent possible postural deviation of pregnant women, as well as the resulting discomfort; to improve the support of pelvic organs, so as to prepare for the baby’s embrace. < p > < p > pregnant women also pay attention to time. “Early exercise in the second trimester can significantly reduce the risk of gestational diabetes mellitus. Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant women should participate in sports as soon as possible after pregnancy is stable. The earlier you take part in the exercise, the better it will be. ” Song Yan suggested that pregnant women with less pre pregnancy activities should start with aerobic exercise lasting 15 minutes and three times a week, and gradually increase to 30 minutes each time and four times a week. Song Yan reminds pregnant women to pay attention to exercise intensity when they exercise. “It is recommended that at least twice to three times a week, each exercise training should include 5-10 / 8-10 different groups of actions, including large muscle groups. Each action should be repeated 10-15 / 8-10 times, and each exercise should be at least 1-2 cycles of the above-mentioned different movements.” There are also some contraindications to exercise during pregnancy. “Any exercise program for pregnancy should be approved by a doctor and preferably carried out under the guidance of a professional exercise instructor. For the safety of pregnant women, it is not recommended that pregnant women practice yoga or aerobics at home Song Yan reminded that if pregnant women have any of the following conditions, it is not suitable for pregnant women to exercise: placenta previa, preeclampsia, cervical atresia, uterine growth retardation, venous or pulmonary thromboembolism, maternal heart disease, vaginal bleeding, rupture of membranes, etc. < p > < p > teacher song Yan, head of pregnant women’s and children’s central hospital and instructor of pregnancy and childbirth movement, taught pregnant women a group of exercise methods to relieve discomfort during pregnancy, relieve back pain and move quickly! < / P > < p > methods: sitting on a chair, legs open, hands on both legs, elbow slightly bent. Back straight, slightly forward, inhale to lengthen the spine, lift the chest, drive the front of the neck to lengthen, exhale, bow back and look at the navel. Repeat 5 times. Inhale to lengthen the spine, lift the chest, drive the front of the neck to lengthen, exhale the upper back to twist to the upper left, lower the right shoulder, inhale back to the right, and exhale in the opposite direction. Repeat 5 times. 21 days after delivery, the pregnant woman had a new baby, but the doctor did not find it was “twins”