Husband and wife “eight character incompatibility” is OK, blood type incompatibility is a big problem, not superstition, should be checked before pregnancy

When many couples get married, their parents have calculated the eight characters and asked someone to calculate the auspicious day of marriage. The customs of every place are different. Although it is for lucky, but there is no scientific basis, many young people think it is superstition. Dr. Ke had contact with a couple of couples some time ago. Hemolytic jaundice occurred within 24 hours after giving birth to the child, and the child was sent to Pediatrics for treatment overnight. Although jaundice is not difficult to treat, but hemolysis of the newborn can be avoided. < / P > < p > some patients will be very worried. Pregnant mothers with a lot of blood type O will hold the pregnancy test sheet and ask doctor Ke anxiously, “I am type O blood, and my husband is type a blood. Will hemolysis of the newborn occur?” Dr. Ke told the patient that not all mothers to be with type O blood would cause hemolysis in their fetus. In ABO blood couples, only about 5% of the families will have hemolysis. So we don’t have to worry too much. We should do a good job of screening and prevention in advance. There are many types of human blood types, and they are still in constant updating, but they can be roughly divided into types A, B, O and ab. among these blood groups, most of them are RH positive and few are Rh negative. < / P > < p > there are antibodies of blood groups a, B and AB in blood group o. if the mother is blood group O, but the baby is inherited from his father’s blood type, and becomes a non-O blood group, then the newborn will have the possibility of hemolysis. < / P > < p > because the type A antibody in the mother’s blood will attack the baby’s type a blood red blood cells, which is why in ancient times, there was a “blood drop to recognize a relative”, because different blood types, antibodies would destroy red blood cells and make them rupture and damage. < / P > < p > but not all mothers with type O blood will have hemolysis, which depends on the antibody in the mother’s blood. If the antibody content is high, hemolysis is relatively high. Blood transfusion is the same theory, because there are antibodies in different blood, there will be attacks. < / P > < p > but don’t worry too much, because hemolysis is rare. After all, the mother is blood type O, and the blood type of the baby’s genetic father will appear. And mother’s other blood group antibodies are not high, there will be no hemolytic characteristics. < / P > < p > even if the baby is born and hemolysis occurs, seek medical advice in time, send the child to the neonatal department for treatment of jaundice, and add more iron during the growth process, so that the child can grow up safely. < p > < p > RH type hemolysis is relatively less, because Rh negative blood only accounts for 0.2% – 0.5% of the total population. The combination of negative blood and positive blood will cause hemolysis. < / P > < p > if the baby inherits the father’s blood type, hemolysis will occur. Moreover, hemolysis does not occur in the first fetus. Antibodies may be produced during pregnancy, so hemolysis of the second fetus will be greatly increased. < / P > < p > if it is found that the blood group of the husband and wife is incompatible, and the mother happens to be O blood, and the father is non-O blood, then do antibody screening in time. If the antibody concentration in the mother’s body is not high, there may be no problem when giving birth. < / P > < p > some friends ask why there is no antibody in type A and B blood? That’s because the antibodies of type O blood pass through the placenta more easily, while the antibodies of blood type A and B do not pass through the placenta easily. < / P > < p > a lot of pregnant women with type O blood are too nervous. In fact, the high level of a and B antibodies in pregnant women is not necessarily due to the fetus. It is also possible that the bacteria in common contact and the food they eat are type A and B blood, which may lead to an increase in the antibody level of the pregnant mother, which is not necessarily aimed at the fetus. < / P > < p > even if the newborn is finally born and hemolysis is found, it can be treated as long as it is sent to the hospital in time. Jaundice can shine blue light, more sun, anemia can eat more iron food. 2