Husband and wife quarrel to throw a few months old child down the bridge, people take breathtaking whole journey

Original title: husband and wife quarrel man to throw a few months old child down the bridge Recently, on the Nanmen bridge in Nanjiang County, Bazhong, Sichuan Province, a suspected husband and wife quarreled in a car. In a rage, the man threw a child who was several months old under the bridge. The process was breathtaking and was photographed by the public. In the video, the suspected couple quarreled in the car and parked the car on the side of the road. The woman was sitting beside the car and crying. Then the man suddenly rushed to the bridge with a child of several months in his arms to throw the child off the bridge. The surrounding people and police rushed forward to stop it and grab the children, the process is very breathtaking. The subsequent processing of the event has not been published. 08/16/2020