Husband with production capture 3 photos, Zhang Zhang classic, netizen: This is the beginning of the ordeal

Pregnancy and childbirth is a ordeal that every woman has to go through. In addition to the risk of going through hell, she has to bite her teeth and resist the pain of ten levels. If it is not for the belief of the mother zegang, how can we meet the arrival of new life with tears and bitter pain. < / P > < p > in movies and TV dramas, we often see scenes of women giving birth to children. The pregnant women in the movies always appear in the images of sweating, crying and howling, and ferocious faces. But is this really the case? A husband accompanying childbirth has lifted the veil of modern women’s childbirth. < / P > < p > a pregnant woman is about to give birth. At this time, she has been exhausted by continuous labor pains, and her heart is very nervous and anxious. Although her husband accompanied her in childbirth, she can not help at all. Although her husband has watched some documentaries about giving birth to children before, she is really nervous to go to the battlefield. Looking at his wife’s painful appearance, he realized that the scene of a woman giving birth to a child in reality was far more shocking than that in the movies and TV series. At this time, his wife was in a terrible pain and her brow was locked. In order to preserve her physical strength, the lying in woman had to bite her teeth in silence and endure waves of pain alone. < / P > < p > when hearing the baby’s first cry, his wife laughed, and his father also used his mobile phone to capture the classic moment of the baby’s birth, and a brand-new life was born. If it wasn’t for the three “classic photos” captured by Mr. Bao, we would never have known that it was so difficult for a woman to have a child. < p > < p > after that, Bao’s father uploaded these classic photos to his circle of friends, and all of them were immediately surrounded by people. In praise of this, some netizens said: “it’s the beginning of the ordeal to be pregnant and have children, and the road of having children has just started.” It is true that women experience the pain of childbirth in October, and bear the childbirth pain that men can’t understand. With the advent of new life, the suffering of women is just beginning. The difficult period of confinement and lactation will make them exhausted. < / P > < p > when the due date of delivery is coming, even if she is a woman who is not afraid of anything before, she will become very nervous at this time. What’s more, if there is a child who has been guarding for 10 months in her stomach, her heart will become more restless. < / P > < p > on the eve of childbirth, the husband should do a good job of appeasement, accompany his wife as much as possible, give them encouragement and support; if the psychological quality is strong enough, he can also enter the delivery room to accompany the delivery, accompany the wife to meet the arrival of the baby. < / P > < p > when giving birth to a child, the wife’s foot will step into the ghost gate. The risks can be imagined, so we must choose professional medical institutions to wait for labor; in this way, even if there are problems in the delivery process, there will be professional doctors to deal with them in time, so as to reduce the risk in the process of delivery. < p > < p > Baoma, who has experienced the pain of childbirth, is the weakest at this time. Don’t pay attention to the baby at this moment. They have just experienced the most dangerous thing in the world and are most in need of care. Don’t ignore their wives and do what they can with them. < / P > < p > secondly, after discharge, we should also prepare all kinds of nutritious meals for Baoma to help them quickly recover their body functions and replenish qi and blood; at the same time, we should also take care of the baby, so that Baoma can have enough time to recuperate. < / P > < p > finally, after giving birth, Baoma’s body hormone will drop rapidly, and in addition to various difficulties in feeding and taking care of the baby, it is easy for Baoma to be depressed. Therefore, Bao’s father should chat with them from time to time, so that they can have a good mood and spend this difficult month’s life happily. < / P > < p > a family becomes complete because of children. How many women are tortured to pieces by widowed marriage. Therefore, no matter whether you are a husband or a father in this family, you should learn to bear, pay and be considerate. After all, the family depends on two people. Please don’t let your wife take on all the heavy responsibilities alone. After all, she can risk her life and have children for you It’s worth your whole life. 21 days after delivery, the pregnant woman had a new baby, but the doctor did not find it was “twins”