Hyperlipidemia “attack”, the body “can not resist”: three abnormalities, can not be ignored

If you find that you have hyperlipidemia through physical examination, the level of serum cholesterol and triglyceride exceeds the standard, you should actively improve it through the correct way, otherwise it will turn into hyperlipidemia, and may accelerate the pathological changes of blood vessels, and under the influence of continuous high blood fat, the body will have many adverse symptoms. < / P > < p > if we can find out in time and take the correct control measures, we will not have a serious illness. Many people think that hyperlipidemia is not a big problem. In the case of laissez faire, some serious diseases may appear. So, which adverse symptoms of the body are obvious, indicating that the blood lipid level is increased? < / P > < p > the discovery of xanthoma on the eyelid indicates that hyperlipidemia has been developing. After the blood lipid level rises and the blood is viscous, it flows through the blood vessels around the eyes. The blood volume of nerves is small and the circulation speed is slow. It may accumulate lipid substances in the process of local circulation. In the process of continuous accumulation of these lipid substances, xanthoma will be formed, and then xanthoma of eyelid will appear. < / P > < p > if the body already has such symptoms, plus their eyes are prone to sudden visual loss and darkening in front of their eyes, they may be caused by hyperlipidemia. They should be actively improved by diluting blood and reducing blood viscosity. Only by maintaining good blood circulation of eyes can these special manifestations be reduced. < / P > < p > I feel that my body is always cold, and I can’t keep the normal temperature. Even if the temperature rises in the hot summer, my hands and feet are still cold, which may be due to the increase of blood lipid level. The influence of hyperlipidemia will make the circulation of the limbs unable to maintain good. In the case of insufficient local blood supply, energy can not be produced, and the heat generation is less, so the limbs are easy to feel cold. < / P > < p > in addition, it may be accompanied by numbness. It can be seen that hyperlipidemia needs to be actively dealt with. By promoting blood circulation, blood can be provided to every part of the body in time, which can naturally prevent the cold and numbness of hands and feet. < p > < p > the chest discomfort is produced, which needs to be suspected of cardiac dysfunction. Many people’s heart disease is related to artery stenosis and blockage around the heart. Long time high blood lipid may form thrombus in the blood vessel wall, and then affect the vascular function and vascular blockage. After the stenosis, the amount of blood and oxygen provided to the heart decreases gradually, which gradually reduces the heart function, and then causes chest discomfort, with chest tightness, fatigue and chest pain. < p > < p > in severe cases, dyspnea and shortness of breath may occur. There are special manifestations of these bodies, all of which indicate that the level of blood lipid is elevated. We should improve it through rational drug use, good living habits and regulation of the body to prevent serious hyperlipidemia. Pets