Hypertension “bane” found, remind: 4 kinds of food, no matter how like also try to touch less

Hypertension is a disease that many middle and old people will get. Nowadays, there is no cure plan for hypertension in medical conditions. It can only stabilize blood pressure and ensure human safety. In recent years, hypertension tends to be younger, which has a great relationship with our daily life habits. Some bad habits have a great influence on our own vascular health. It is necessary to eat salt in our daily life. It is eaten almost every day. But there are a lot of sodium ions in the salt. When these sodium ions enter the body, they will change the osmotic pressure of the human body, cause the blood vessels to contract, and cause the blood pressure to rise. There are also some potential high salt foods to avoid. Especially for those who already have hypertension, we must control the salt intake Input to ensure that blood pressure is stable. Drinking alcohol not only has great damage to liver but also blood vessels, which can easily cause vasospasm. Especially in patients with hypertension, no matter any alcoholic drink, it should be forbidden to drink. Alcohol can stimulate blood vessels, cause vasospasm, cause blood pressure to rise again, and also affect the effect of antihypertensive drugs, which can easily cause blood pressure instability and affect blood vessel health. The viscera of animals have many advantages to the body, but they can not be eaten more. People with three high levels should avoid eating. Because there is a large amount of cholesterol in the viscera of animals, which can be consumed frequently, it will cause the blood circulation to slow down, cause blood pressure rise and induce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Many people like to eat chili. Capsaicin in chili is very easy to improve the appetite of human body, especially hot pot, grilled string, rice dressing, etc., but capsaicin can stimulate blood vessels and affect blood pressure stability. If people with vascular disease, they should eat less spicy food. Drinking water can not only supplement body fluids, help blood reduce viscosity, reduce blood vessel burden, and effectively taste the body to clean up toxin waste. When drinking water, add some small plants to protect blood vessels. Drinking for a long time can help blood vessels, and can prevent various cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. It can reduce the free radical content, clear the heat and reduce fire, promote the liver detoxification, moisten the intestine and reduce fat, level the liver and clear the eyes, and make the elasticity of blood vessels better. Poria: clearing throat and reducing three high, clearing up the rubbish in blood vessels, enhancing the elasticity of vascular wall, preventing hypertension, clearing heat and detoxifying, has a certain stable effect on hypertension. The most significant is the content of blood lipid and the blood vessel toughness can be maintained by drinking regularly. After taking for a period of time, it has a very obvious effect. To a large extent, controlling the eating habits of good diet can help us to protect blood vessels, to a large extent, to eat less high salt, high oil and high fat food, to eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, to supplement the vitamins and nutrients needed by the human body and effectively protect the health of blood vessels. People who exercise regularly are healthy and seldom get sick. Proper exercise can accelerate blood circulation, help blood vessels melt thrombus, reduce blood vessel blockage, especially for people with high blood pressure, it is necessary to exercise properly. It is suggested that good work and rest can also protect the blood vessel health. Usually, I will get up early and get up early, keep a happy mood, control blood pressure level to a large extent, protect the blood vessel health, and it is better to keep 8 hours of good quality and deep sleep every day, and have a rest at noon for a while, which will help to health. PARRENT&CHILDREN