Hypertension taboo: if you often do these four things, your blood pressure will only be higher and higher

As we all know, the rise of blood pressure is related to some bad habits. If there are often bad habits affecting health, it may stimulate the body and lead to blood pressure fluctuations, and some things easy to raise blood pressure should be done less. Otherwise, they often have unreasonable behavior habits, blood pressure continues to rise, and blood vessels are greatly stimulated. In addition to the increase of cerebral hemorrhage risk coefficient, important organs will also be affected and their functions will decline. So, when you have high blood pressure, what things need to be done less?

the biggest fear of hypertension is high salt diet. There are already manifestations of elevated blood pressure and increased pressure on the body to excrete sodium ions. If the high salt diet is still used, blood pressure will continue to rise and renal function will decline in case of excessive salt intake, which may lead to complications. Therefore, salt intake should be strictly limited at the onset of hypertension, and it is better not to exceed 5g daily. Through this way to maintain blood pressure stability, otherwise the body is overloaded, blood pressure continues to rise may aggravate the disease.

the biggest fear of hypertension is frequent heavy smoking and drinking. For those with significantly elevated blood pressure, we should pay attention to the cultivation of good living habits. Through active control of blood pressure to maintain good health, otherwise there is already high blood pressure in the development, still a lot of smoking, drinking, stimulated by harmful substances inside, blood pressure will continue to fluctuate, and further aggravate the disease.

in addition, smoking and drinking are also risk factors for reducing resistance and inducing diseases. If there is already high blood pressure in the development, want to maintain vascular health, at the same time reduce the harm of the disease, the most important thing is to stop smoking and alcohol, do not get too much alcohol and harmful substances in tobacco.

high blood pressure is most afraid of emotional fluctuations. Those who can’t control their personal emotions may get worse. If we can maintain blood pressure stability through good habits, we can reduce the risk of hypertension.

many people have shown elevated blood pressure, but in the process of disease treatment, they don’t pay attention to the formation of good living habits. They often have big mood swings and get angry when they encounter some small things. When they are over excited, the secretion of adrenaline increases, which may lead to blood pressure surge. If you want to control blood pressure well, you must pay attention to the cultivation of good living habits. After the discovery of hypertension disease, you should control your personal emotions steadily and don’t always get angry.

hypertension is most afraid of staying up late. Staying up late is not good for human health, and it may make the body unable to rest under the influence of staying up late. People in sleep state blood pressure will be relatively lower, conducive to the improvement of the disease. People who often stay up late and have irregular work and rest have an invisible impact on their health. They may accelerate the aging of the body, reduce the function of important organs, and may make blood pressure fluctuate. Therefore, to find that they have high blood pressure, a reasonable way is to go to bed early, get up early, work and rest rules, through this way can make the disease improve.