Hypertension: the body appears these 4 kinds of “uncomfortable”, advise you to measure blood pressure as soon as possible

Hypertension is a chronic disease that can not be ignored, because this chronic disease is intractable and has a long course of disease. Patients may need to use drugs for a long time to achieve the purpose of blood pressure control. Arterial blood pressure increases in the process of systemic circulation, which is easy to cause organic damage to important organs. Therefore, it is necessary to control the disease and prevent the deterioration of hypertension by timely medication and changing bad living habits. In the process of hypertension, what signals will the body have? The continuous development of hypertension will lead to various adverse symptoms, especially the loss of memory ability and inattention, which may be caused by hypertension. Many people in the process of blood pressure rise, blood vessels are stimulated, long-term high-pressure environment will also reduce brain function, and then appear memory ability decline, inattention. < p > < p > if the sleep quality is reduced under the threat of hypertension for a long time, these symptoms will be obvious. Therefore, if you find yourself forgetting everything in a short period of time, and when you are working, you can’t concentrate. All these indicate that the blood pressure is increased, which may be the impact of the development of hypertension. < / P > < p > the obvious headache is related to hypertension. After the blood pressure rises to a certain extent, it will stimulate the blood vessels. If the blood vessels in the brain are fragile and the stimulation in the high pressure environment for a long time, the headache will continue. Therefore, found that they have severe pain, accompanied by vomiting this situation, also shows that blood pressure is significantly increased, should be through reasonable control of blood pressure to actively improve. < / P > < p > in addition, in the process of medication, we should be cautious of doctors’ opinions and master reasonable medication methods to relieve the high blood pressure, reduce the stimulation of blood vessels, and timely provide the blood and oxygen needed by the head, so as to improve the headache performance and prevent the formation of cerebral hemorrhage. < / P > < p > more serious hypertension will make the patient’s heart function decline, there are always palpitations and palpitations, indicating that the blood pressure is too high. Because when the blood pressure rises, it will stimulate the arteries and blood vessels around the heart, and the vascular pressure will increase, which may lead to the lack of blood supply to the heart. After the influence, the feeling of palpitation and palpitation are obvious. < p > < p > therefore, it is found that the cardiac function is gradually declining. With the above special manifestations, emotional fluctuation and fatigue become more and more serious, we should take a timely rest and recover the stable state of blood pressure through timely medication. Otherwise, persistent hypertension will affect the human heart and cause complications. < / P > < p > when hypertension appears, it will lead to numbness in the limbs of patients, which is a typical manifestation. Due to hypertension leading to microvascular lesions, in the stimulation of continuous blood pressure rise, limb lack of blood supply, numbness will be obvious. < / P > < p > therefore, we often feel numbness in the limbs, and we need to suspect that the blood pressure is high. We should improve the blood pressure by controlling the blood pressure reasonably, and the blood pressure will gradually recover and stabilize, and the microvascular lesions will be improved. Only in this way can we prevent the unexplained numbness of the limbs from affecting the normal life. 08/16/2020