I can’t be sure the baby boy, the father, she threw the baby off the 12th floor

A body of a newborn boy was found in the courtyard downstairs of a hotel on Jianning Road, Gulou District, Nanjing, one morning in mid October last year. Originally, the mother of the baby boy, who thought she was unable to raise and was unable to determine the father of the child, cruelly put the child born in the hotel room into plastic bags to suffocate her death, and threw it out of the window on the 12th floor that night In early 2019, 36 year old Wang Lan and zhuxiaobin had several extramarital gender relations. After discovering that she was pregnant, Wang Lan was not sure who the child was, but told her husband Wu Lin about her pregnancy. Wang Lan has no job, and Wulin has only about 3000 yuan a month. Wang Lan’s parents give 2000 yuan a month to subsidize their lives. Because of the high economic pressure, Wulin asked Wang Lan to abort the fetus. Wang Lan said he agreed, but he had been dragging her back. In may2019, in order to solve the problem that Wu Xuan, his son, was unable to enroll in the same household registration with himself, Wulin and Wang Lan agreed to divorce, but they still lived together after the divorce. In October 2019, Wang Lan and Wu Lin and his son Wuxuan lived in a fast hotel on Jianning Road, Gulou District, Nanjing. Wang Lan lied to go to the hospital for abortion operation, and Wulin found another residence. It is felt that she is about to be born. Wang Lan searched for “oxytocin”, “birth control medicine”, “what medicine can be taken for more than 9 months of pregnancy”, “methods to relieve uterine contraction pain” through mobile phone in a week before production. However, she is not prepared to produce and newborn related articles. On the afternoon of October 17, Wang Lan gave birth to a baby boy in the bathroom of this hotel. Due to postpartum pain and bleeding, Wang Lan did not carefully check the status of the baby boy. Because the father of the baby boy cannot be determined and unable to be raised due to economic reasons, Wang Lan wrapped the baby in the shower room with a bath towel, placed in two plastic bags and tied the mouth of the bag, and abandoned it in the bathroom. Around 12 p.m., Wang Lan walked out of the hotel room quietly with plastic bags with body of boy baby in his clothes, throwing plastic bags from the windows of the 12th floor aisle to the green belt downstairs. At 7:00 the next morning, the body of the baby boy was found in the courtyard of a unit downstairs of the Express Hotel. Police rushed to the scene, preliminary investigation found that the dead baby has a suspected hotel towel, and found that the cord hanging on the meter box, the location is located under the hotel window. The police investigation found that a pregnant woman lived in the room on the 12th floor of the hotel recently, so she went to the room to cross examine Wang Lan. At this point, Wang Lan confessed to the facts of the crime. At about 8 a.m., the police arrested him and returned to the case. It is a pity that after the child died, the question of who was his father had the answer. DNA identification found that Zhu Xiaobin is the father of the boy. According to Zhu Xiaobin, he and Wang Lan know each other online. In early 2019, he had several sexual relations with Wang Lan and did not take contraceptive measures. He said he was not clear about Wang Lan’s birth of a baby boy. Wang Lan made the same expression in the confession after the case of the relationship between the two. Wang Lan was detained in criminal detention on October 18th, 2019. The record shows that in November 2018, she was sentenced to two months’ detention by the people’s Court of Qinhuai District of Nanjing for theft and a fine of RMB 1000. In the trial process of the case, Wang Lan said that he could not stand up in front of her eyes after giving birth to the child. After about 20 minutes, Wang Lan slowly came over a little bit. “He patted the child’s buttock with his hand, didn’t hear the cry, and then tried it at the nostrils of the child with her fingers, and felt that the child had not breathed, and mistakenly thought the child had died.” But Wang Lan’s son’s testimony said that he was charging and playing with his cell phone in the hotel room that afternoon, and heard a cry from the baby, which was dark when he heard it, thinking that there was a child living next door. In addition, the public prosecutor submitted the medical expert argument. The director of Pediatrics and Gynecology of Jiangsu Provincial People’s Hospital and Nanjing Maternal and child health care hospital, combined with autopsy report, criminal photo and on-site survey, put forward consultation opinions: the newborn has independent breathing, thus infering that the newborn has crying; the newborn is a live born baby, and the puncture of the buttock is slapped The newborn with self breathing will not cry for more than ten minutes or even 20 minutes without crying It was found that the infant died of mechanical injury and his own disease by forensic examination. The infant was fit for the mechanical asphyxia death caused by the position restriction in plastic bag. The public prosecution organs believe that Wang Lan, the defendant, intentionally and illegally deprives others of his life, has violated the relevant provisions of the criminal law and should be investigated for his criminal responsibility for intentional homicide. In the light of the case, the public prosecutor gives the sentencing suggestion of five to seven years’ imprisonment in court. In court, Wang said he had no objection to the facts of the indictment accusation, saying that he was unable to determine the father of the child or to raise the child born, so he did something wrong. The defender recognized the public prosecution opinion, and proposed that Wang Lan committed crimes because of the life pressure and economic pressure. His subjective and social harm was relatively light, and the truthful statements were frank and could be punished lightly. The Nanjing Central Court adopted the public prosecution opinions and defense opinions that the case proposed by the public prosecutor and the defender belongs to the lesser circumstances in the crime of intentional homicide. The reporter noted that the Nanjing middle court wrote in the judgment of the case that “Wang Lan, as an adult with normal mind, should know the consequences of her actions. Wang Lan did not take contraceptive measures, and did not miscarry in time after pregnancy, ignored the law after production, which led to the tragedy, fully reflecting her ignorance of law and disregard for life…” In the light of the motive, circumstances and harmful consequences of the crime, Nanjing central court made a trial decision on the case: the defendant Wang Lan was sentenced to six years’ imprisonment for intentional homicide. Focus