“I can’t have a baby in my life!” Ding Ke’s daughter accidentally got pregnant and gave birth to a child: Zhenxiang

Before my cousin showed off with her little son in front of me, I still remember how she said this sentence. It can be said that she braved the courage of the whole family to fight against the strange vision of the whole family. She was determined to carry out DINK to the end. < / P > < p > as a younger generation, I fully support my cousin’s choice. Because life is to be free, the number of DINK groups is increasing day by day. The choice of cousin is not rare and should be supported. < p > < p > just last year, my cousin got pregnant unexpectedly and planned to get rid of her. However, under the influence of progesterone, she procrastinated again and again. Finally, she could not get rid of it, and then she kept it under the discussion of the whole family. Just three months ago, my cousin finally gave birth to a child at the age of approaching the advanced maternal age, successfully giving birth to a white Ding. After seeing the mother and son’s deep love and happiness, I put my heart back into my stomach. My cousin obviously didn’t say “Zhenxiang” to the child, and completely overturned my previous remarks. As a result, the younger generation in our family who were supposed to learn from her began to hesitate and worried that they would be like my cousin in the future. < / P > < p > on the issue of DINK, I have always been neutral. Therefore, today I would like to analyze the existence and risks of the DINK people, and to provide relevant suggestions for those who intend to or end DINK. Let’s have a look. < p > < p > according to the mature and calm that my cousin has always shown, I don’t believe that she made the decision on impulse, and I don’t think the effect of progesterone is so magical. Later, I often talked with each other, and I knew that DINK would bring some pressure besides freedom and relaxation. Some people have said that the world will not open a door to you just because you are Dink, nor will it close a window for you because you are white. To put it bluntly, whether a person’s life is good or bad has nothing to do with having children, it has something to do with your personal ability. According to her cousin, she and her brother-in-law fell in love with each other at the age of 16, graduated from university and got married. Now they have known and loved each other for nearly 20 years, and their love has already turned into kinship. However, in the case of DINK, her brother-in-law repented much earlier than her, but he kept it in his heart and didn’t say it. Before and after the Spring Festival, brother-in-law drunk, cousin this just know each other’s mind. Therefore, after the unexpected pregnancy, the cousin had the idea of leaving the child, because she was worried that her brother-in-law would repent in middle age, and it would be too late to want it again. < / P > < p > in reality, there are not a few female dinks who are similar to my cousin. Most of them are determined. However, in middle age, they will encounter betrayal from their other half or even bring their illegitimate children to their homes directly. < p > < p > therefore, young people who want to have DINK must consider it carefully, because the other party is likely to regret. If the male DINK is OK, the female DINK’s fertility is limited. After the age of 35, she is an old woman. It is better to make a decision before that. < / P > < p > many young people are full of misunderstanding about the DINK people, thinking that they have no parenting pressure and live a happy life. However, this kind of misunderstanding belongs to the DINK people. < / P > < p > in reality, because there are no children, many dinks spend too much time with each other. The consequence of the reduction of topics is that they are silent and tired of seeing each other. Although children will bring a lot of trouble to life, they will also bring a lot of common topics and fun to couples, which is why children have been regarded as a stabilizing needle for marriage stability for thousands of years. < / P > < p > when you decide to Dink, life will be cold. Don’t rely on your friends, they will have their own families. When people are middle-aged, the contact between friends will be greatly reduced, and each has his own life to live. If the DINK people can’t bear loneliness, they will easily suffer from mental health disorder and loneliness in their later years. < / P > < p > this is the most realistic problem. Even if you meet a good person when you are young, and you can hold hands with DINK for life, when you get sick and take medicine in your old age, you will always feel lonely when you are not around. < / P > < p > don’t bother the children of relatives and friends when they are young. Naturally, they should not be abducted by morality to be filial to you. Of course, the above only states the risks brought by Dink, which does not mean that I am against DINK. In fact, young people who want to DINK can guarantee their happiness index as long as they can do the following three things. Information sharing for epilepsy patients