I can’t sleep at night. Why is it so difficult to sleep?

Have you ever had such an experience? At night, lying in bed to sleep over and over, but still keep thinking of many ideas in mind. As a result, the more excited I was, the more I couldn’t sleep. I know clearly that I still need to get up and finish my task the next morning. I want to fall asleep the night before, but it seems that the thoughts in my brain never listen to you. I think this is probably the norm for most young people.

in addition to our daily work, there are a lot of trivial things waiting for you to deal with. I feel tired during the day and want to sleep at night, but I find that I can’t sleep no matter how I put down my mobile phone. Close your eyes and think about the problems you encounter during the day. I’ve forced my brain to stop thinking, but no matter what I try, I can’t do it.

I couldn’t sleep at night for a while, but I still needed to get up early the next morning. But I had a good sleep except that period. Maybe I am not really insomnia, but simple sleep difficulties. Because real insomnia is persistent sleep difficulty. In other words, we have plenty of sleep time and suitable sleep environment, but still can not sleep safely, and has affected the daily life. This may be insomnia, or it is sleep difficulties.

after some time, I also reflected on why I couldn’t sleep at that time? Maybe it’s because the work pressure is too big. At that time, the company was on the rise, and everyone tried their best. Looking at the mountain of work in hand, I want to go to bed early today and get up tomorrow morning to continue to work hard. But I didn’t expect that after I closed my eyes, my mind was full of mountains of work. After I set the alarm clock, I put my cell phone aside to sleep.

I tried to empty my mind. Before I went to bed, I drank milk, listened to music, changed into comfortable pajamas, and even lit some sleeping candles. But these seem to have no use, watching the mobile phone gradually lost time. The distance from the alarm clock is getting closer and closer, the mood is more and more irritable. Finally, I didn’t know how to sleep. But sleep and other good time is too short, the alarm clock rings, I need to get up.

the company’s hard times finally passed a month later. Now everyone can really relax and sleep well. The boss of the company is also very humanized, giving everyone a week’s holiday to have a good rest. But clearly I have no work pressure, I can sleep easily tonight, but all I think is too simple. When I close my eyes at night, I always think about it carelessly. I don’t know what I’m thinking. Anyway, I can’t sleep. I’m a little scared because I haven’t had a good sleep for a week. If I don’t sleep well, my body will collapse.

when I got up the next morning, I went to an old Chinese doctor to find a good way to help me sleep. After listening to my description, the old Chinese medicine doctor grabbed me a bunch of unknown herbs. And told to insist on drinking, and as long as I insist on taking medicine, the situation will certainly improve. And he also suggested that I take advantage of these days of vacation to go out for a visit, which is more conducive to their own relaxation.

but it is true that the condition of traditional Chinese medicine has improved. I’m very happy to see that my sleep disorder has eased. The next day, I went climbing with my colleagues. We saw the sunset on the top of the mountain. It was really spectacular. Instead of going home that night, we spent the night in a tent on the mountain. But that night was my best night. Traditional Chinese medicine conditioning, coupled with the fatigue of mountaineering, it was very fragrant to sleep last night.

after a while, the vacation was over. I was also worried that I would not be able to sleep at night as before. I also purposely accelerated my work efficiency and strive to finish today’s work. Gradually, I can not only finish the work very well, but also have a good sleep and keep fit. More with one stone!