I didn’t expect to pay attention to these details! Let a year did not rise the chest muscle bigger

Usually, the reason lies in the difference of training details. If we use our strength in the wrong movements and times, it is also a problem to train good-looking chest muscles. And what problem solved, a year did not grow pectoral muscle to change unexpectedly?

the main problem of almost every chest muscle training is to only focus on the middle part of the chest muscle and do some basic movements, such as barbell push and dumbbell bird. Every part of those impressive pectorals needs to be developed, and the most important one is the superior pectoralis.

the well-defined upper chest muscles will make your body different, giving you an illusion that it is bigger than it is. This figure is very suitable for wearing V-neck top, while the results of bench push will also increase!

to develop a really developed chest, first of all, we need to adjust our mindset. Many young friends think that they want a “big chest muscle”, but if they want a full chest, they must let every part of the chest muscle develop.

that’s the difference between being fit or not. If the lower chest is too large and the upper chest is very underdeveloped, it may give the illusion of a “male mastoid” rather than a well-defined pectoral muscle.

training pectoralis major and pectoralis minor at the same time will have a significant impact on the body and strength. Take a maximum method to practice all parts of the chest. First, let’s talk about the forgotten but important chest muscle: the clavicular chest muscle.

the superior pectoralis is actually a relatively independent muscle, which is called the clavicular pectoralis. The best pectoralis training should emphasize the superior pectoralis just like the pectoralis major.

chest muscle is a large muscle group, which needs to be trained with heavy load and gradual overload. So what does that mean? In most of the chest muscle training movements, with a larger weight, the number of movements is limited to 3-8. Whether coach or bodybuilding magazine, it’s a way to build muscle.

the best training moves include dumbbell push, barbell push, dumbbell push and barbell push. If we don’t increase the load of training, we can’t get the maximum stimulation and growth of chest muscle.

make sure that 80% of the compound action group uses 70-80% of the maximum weight. If the maximum weight of barbell push is 135kg, we need to make sure that 95-110kg is used for training.

so leave the pump feeling at the end of the training and focus on training with heavy weight. If you enter the bottleneck period of training, you can experience a significant improvement in training effect by changing this training method.

the biggest problem many young players make in chest training is that they don’t focus on large compound movements. Do at least 100 butterfly clip and rope clip on chest training day?

in fact, these movements are the most effective way to increase the amount of extra training at the end of training. They should never be the focus of chest training. The butterfly machine clip chest will never bring you thick and full chest muscle and strength.

in order to have a full chest, the most important rule is to practice the upper chest as much as the lower chest, because the upper chest is the most difficult to practice, so it needs the same attention.

needless to say, if the bench press has entered the bottleneck period, then training on the chest may be the way to break through. Many kids spend 80-90% of their time in the middle and lower part of their chest, but they don’t realize it. In fact, the time should be five to five.

there are no decreasing group, super group, three in one group, pre fatigue training or similar training methods, but they are also actions that have been proved to be effective in muscle enhancement. Of course, these training methods can increase the intensity, but they should never be the focus of training. Don’t exhaust each group. Save 2-3 times, save your maximum strength to the last group of each movement.

for example, if you can use 100kg for five times of horizontal push, then the first four groups use 90-95kg for five times, and the last group use 100kg for five times.

solved the main problem of chest training before it was time to fight for talent. Take appropriate and effective methods, your chest muscles can also have a qualitative improvement in a year! Focus