I didn’t expect to see a cat on the road of performing arts

Many of them missed the chance of acting when the cat was sterilized. Unexpectedly, when they came back from the pet hospital, the cat gave a vivid performance lesson to the excrement removing officer.

I was worried about the owner’s inability to take care of himself at home when he went to work. The excrement removal officer turned on the monitor and found that the cat was lying at home and pretended to be brave in front of her.

in order to lose the eggs, the cat went on a hunger strike with the excrement shoveling officer, which made him feel very sad. However, before the shovel official stepped out of the house, he would croak at the back foot.

according to the performance of cats after sterilization, I can roughly divide them into four types: performance department, Avenger alliance, cold war type and confused type.

what’s worse, since the sterilization, cats like to fight with each other. They have been beating the excrement removing officer for half a year, and torture the excrement removing officer every morning to keep him from sleeping.