I don’t know how to raise my lungs. Try these 6 kinds of food as soon as possible. It’s delicious and healthy

Introduction: with the development of cities and industrialization, due to the long-term poor air quality environment, many people’s lungs are becoming more and more unhealthy. Maybe the bad lung has not had a great impact on our life, but we should not neglect the maintenance of the lung just because the impact is not big. Especially for smokers, the lung condition may be worse. If you can’t start the work of nourishing the stomach, and you can’t quit smoking immediately, try dietotherapy, starting from the diet, and protect the lung for a long time.

when someone in my family coughed or had a sore throat when I was a child, my mother would always buy some pears to let the uncomfortable people eat more pears or boil some sugar water to drink. The effect is very good. Pear cough Runfei, on heat detoxification has a good effect. Therefore, to protect the lungs, pear is a kind of fruit that can not be missed. In summer, drink more ice sugar and Sydney, not only moisten the lung, but also relieve the heat.

pig blood should be a favorite food for many people. It contains a lot of hemoglobin which can eliminate the dust molecules entering the human body. It has high nutritional value and is very helpful for lung cleaning. Of course, you can’t eat too much. The dosage should be appropriate.

there are a lot of trace elements of protein needed by human body in yam. These substances will promote the operation of digestive system and various body functions after ingestion. In addition to being beneficial to the lung, it can be said that it is good for the health of the whole body. Eating yam often makes the stomach better and better.

tomatoes are rich in antioxidant substances, which can play a very good role in lung cleaning, and vitamins in them maintain health. Secondly, tomatoes can also help clear the body of free radicals, for people who often live in poor air quality environment, and smokers can often eat tomatoes to clear the lung. At the same time, tomatoes can also beautify and beautify, which is really worth eating.

in addition to ornamental value, dried lily also has some medicinal value. In terms of food, lily belongs to cool food, which can clear fire and moisten lung. In daily life, Lily and black rice can be put together for porridge or tea. Lily is not only beautiful, but also has high medicinal value after drying. Don’t underestimate it.

when it comes to cough relieving food, loquat will definitely come to mind. If it can stop cough, it must have the effect of clearing lung and moistening lung. Summer is the season for loquat production. Fresh loquat fruit tastes sweet and is good as a daily snack. Loquat is cool in nature, can also play a role in summer heat, also has the effect of clearing lung and moistening lung. Loquat leaves are also cool in nature. They may taste slightly bitter, not as delicious as fresh loquat, but they also have the function of moistening the lung. You often drink loquat leaves in water, and the oily substances in loquat leaves will play a role in moistening the lung and relieving cough.

Pang Dahai is often used to moisten the throat and relieve sore throat. In addition to this function, it can also maintain the lung. Pangdahai is cold and cool, and has great curative effect in clearing away heat and detoxification. When it acts on the lung, it can clean up lung toxins, moisten the lung and promote pharynx. It is better to make tea with other lung moistening ingredients.

this tea bag is a combination of heat clearing and detoxifying materials such as pangdahai, loquat leaves and chrysanthemum. It is not only convenient to drink, but also has unexpected lung moistening effect.

if you don’t want to prepare these kinds of herbs by yourself, you might as well take a look at the following tea bag, which is carefully matched by pharmacists, which greatly saves the time of preparing herbs. It can be said that it is the best choice for students and office workers.

conclusion: diet therapy is not only convenient, but also can meet the needs of taste buds. It is a maintenance method that can be adhered to for a long time. Of course, the key to raise the lung is to breathe more fresh air and smoke less, so that the lungs are clean and not polluted. CUISINE&HEALTH