I don’t want to take off my makeup today

Today, I received a private message from a fairy in the background, saying, “pick up Lu, is there any way to not take off makeup? Go home at night and become a dog when I am tired? I don’t want to move my toes. I want to remove my makeup from sun protection, isolation and everything. Wuwu, it’s really hard! Although Shilu is a boy’s paper, she should also wear sunscreen. After all, Shilu is so delicate that she thinks it is true, really, really difficult to remove makeup! Then don’t take off your make-up. Can’t you sleep directly? Who dares to sleep tomorrow! It’s not a joke. The consequences are really serious. Today’s article is specially written to some lazy people who don’t want to take off makeup. Please deduct 1 in the comment area if you receive it! Stop talking nonsense and start the text. < / P > < p > this is a question that every child who struggles to take off her make-up at night asks himself again and again. Every morning make-up or sun protection, happy to step out of the door, car exhaust, the air floating invisible dust, scrambling to come, perfect adhesion to your face, although we still feel beautiful! A day goes by, the face has been visible dark, this is all dirty things attached to your face, sister, wake up! Can facial cleanser be washed out? Facial cleanser can only wash away part of the surface, the rest will remain in your pores. So you have to remove makeup. < / P > < p > we all know that we use pores to breathe. When you don’t remove makeup or make-up removal is not complete, the pores will be blocked by the residual base makeup. If you try not to breathe freely, it will be strange if there is no problem. Acne is a very normal skin reaction. < / P > < p > many fairies feel that lipstick doesn’t need to be removed, and it’s over with a few licks of her tongue, and some go to bed directly with lipstick. My god? I was shocked. Sleeping with lipstick can lead to dry and chapped lips, which will also affect the true color of your lips. Would you like to have a black purple one? Moreover, lipstick colorants contain lead, mercury and other heavy metals, once it enters the human body, it is difficult to metabolize, if accumulated in the body for a long time, it is easy to cause cancer. The consequence is so serious, you can’t take off lipstick!

mascara should be useful for everyone, big eyed device, but Mascara must also use eye and lip special makeup remover. Mascara does not unload during sleep. It can damage eyelashes and cause eyelashes to harden or even fall off. And the melanin in mascara will also pollute the skin around the eyes. If it is serious, it will also clog hair follicles. If inflammation, swelling will cause eyelid inflammation. < / P > < p > eye make-up must use eye special makeup remover, absolutely not sloppy! Action should also be careful, do not rub directly on the eyes, eye skin is really delicate, do not be so rude! You can wet compress on the eye makeup first, give the makeup remover enough time to dissolve stubborn color makeup, and then gently wipe, eye makeup is basically removed easily. < / P > < p > lip make-up, we need to wipe off the lip makeup with a paper towel, and then dip the special lip remover cotton onto the lip to gently smear the lip to remove the lip makeup. Lip makeup removers on the market are milder and contain fewer chemicals than facial makeup removers. When removing lip makeup, most of them still have a misconception, that is, if the color of a lip completely fades, you don’t need to remove the lip. In fact, this is only part of the lip gloss, and some components of lipstick adsorbed on the lip are good, but they are not completely cleaned. < / P > < p > you should also pay attention not to be too rude when removing make-up on the face. You can use the makeup remover directly on the face, and you can use your fingers to circle the nose. The makeup oil can not only melt the excessive grease on the face, but also has obvious effect on removing black and white heads. After emulsifying the makeup remover, wipe the cosmetic residues from the inside out of the face with a wet paper towel. < / P > < p > it’s really important to take off makeup. It’s really lazy to remove makeup. I’m a smart little cute, but I have to remove makeup when I put on makeup. Sunscreen and isolation cream are also makeup! Today’s skincare knowledge sharing is here. If you need it, please put it away for me. If you don’t take off your make-up next time, your face may lose your temper! Small habits of pregnancy not only affect the health of pregnant mother, but also delay the development of the fetus, don’t ignore