I got a suicide call. He said he wanted to talk to someone before he died

I didn’t think the signal was coming from my side. “Hello,” a few times, “can you hear me Just as he was about to hang up, the other party suddenly said, “I’m on the top of the building. I’ve dialed a number at random. I want to talk to someone before I die.”

the waiter comes to pour the tea. Ex boyfriend takes the menu. The other side of the phone said, “you don’t want to persuade me. It’s useless. You can just say something else.”

on the phone, I read the menu: “bean curd pot, catfish Tofu Pot, tripe bean curd pot Fried tofu, hamburger tofu, slate tofu… ”

the director bombards the host in the headset, but the host always smiles at the camera, and the world is peaceful and orderly.
I almost think of the menu. Don’t stand up and say, “don’t worry about it.”

and then I ran into an intern who asked me to understand psychology and the mechanism of the brain and the human body, not to be stuck in everything I saw and felt at that time.

so I asked for leave and went to the bookstore all day. There was a four story bookstore in Hangzhou at that time. I looked through several shelves of psychological and popular science books and found the answer.

in the coffee shop of that bookstore at that time, every Wednesday and Thursday afternoon, there was an old writer who was very serious about writing on red line paper with a pen, one paper after another.

Sometimes I’m afraid. I’m going to die if I look at it like this. But this fear will soon be compared by another fear, that is, I’m afraid that the romance novels I read are written by the old man with a different pen name.

another time, I had a manic depression attack at the same time. I got up in the middle of the night and said I was going to jump the mountain. Before my mother could react, I ran away.

what I didn’t expect was that many years later, I almost forgot that I had experienced such a dark moment in manic depression. Suddenly, a phone call came to me so coincidentally.

his pain is so far away and so familiar, but the bean curd menu is far less dynamic than those who do morning exercises. On the contrary, it is full of the taste of life that can’t be loved. What’s more, tofu becomes dregs when it is touched. It’s just like life.

why, when we are in despair, we try to catch a straw, but many people are wrong and catch the last straw that killed the camel.
I think it’s just a futile emotion. As expected, people will grow up and become the people they once hated, and they will feel that they once hated and were wrong.

then I realized that it was I who misunderstood “smallness”. In front of other people’s troubles, sufferings and struggles, I was nothing. What’s more, I was the one who was helped, healed and redeemed in many moments.

for example, there was a netizen who wrote to me on Weibo every day for a period of time: “cola, do you love yourself today?” At the same time, don’t forget to nag her daily life.

later, I added her wechat, and she said to me, “in the second half of 2018, I was taking the postgraduate entrance examination, and I sent it to you every day, which is my spiritual pillar. Thank you, coke. I saw a video of you. I don’t know whether I feel right or not. I think you need me to say that to you every day.”

although I can’t help thinking: we’re all going to die in the end. No matter what we do in our lives, the number of people at the funeral is ultimately determined by the weather. Now we have to add another epidemic.

to a certain extent, without his consent, “man Han Quan Xi” could not save him. Similarly, no one could save him without his consent.

a person wants to run “normally” and live a “normal” life. Most of the time, it is because he lives in a “normal” environment, not because he is a “normal” person.

all I can do is listen and occasionally try to arouse the other party’s unwillingness. As mentioned above, why should we let the world go? Why should we let our life go? To cruelty, to indifference, to ruthlessness.

I don’t know whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing. At the end of the film, there is a song: “I am like a wild goose, I am like a dragon swimming on a shallow beach, I am like a fish swallowing a hook line, I am like a boat losing its rudder in the waves.”.

I am a fish with pickled vegetables. I am a stewed chicken, which is yellow and stewed with garbage. I am a green bitter gourd, green and bitter. I love to eat melon. I am a rotten egg, stinky and chicken does not lay eggs. BEAUTY&SKIN CARE