I heard that the steamed bread in the refrigerator can’t be eaten? Let’s see what the experts say

Recently, I saw many health science anchors on the Internet saying that steamed bread can’t be eaten after it is put in the refrigerator! There are also some marketing numbers to follow. Scared for a minute, I almost threw the steamed bread in my refrigerator!

A: due to the long storage time in the fresh-keeping room, a large number of microorganisms propagate, causing the deterioration of steamed bread, which produces a large number of secondary metabolites harmful to human body, such as aflatoxin, causing food poisoning. Therefore, steamed bread should be paid attention to after long-term storage in the refrigerator and greenhouse. It can be put temporarily, but it can’t be put for a long time.

A: because steamed bread is originally suitable for microbial reproduction, it can only reduce the propagation speed in the fresh-keeping room, but can not inhibit microbial reproduction. Therefore, steamed bread can no longer be stored in the fresh-keeping room for a long time. In fact, the fresh-keeping room is not recommended for long-term storage, and it needs to be cleaned regularly.

A: because the stability of the freezer is maintained at about – 18 ℃ for a long time, this temperature can effectively inhibit the reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms. Most microorganisms are more afraid of cold than we think. When the temperature is lower than a certain limit, the microorganisms will basically not reproduce, but will survive in the way of dormancy. When the temperature is appropriate, they will return to their normal life state, of course Some of the microbes will die because of the low temperature. Therefore, steamed bread can be stored in the freezer.

A: isn’t fresh delicious?! Steamed bread in the refrigerator freezer after storage, taste will become worse, no fresh is delicious, so it is recommended to eat fresh best.

Finally, to sum up, whether food can be eaten after storage depends on whether it deteriorates, not whether it changes in taste. There are many factors determining whether food deteriorates, including whether the food itself is prone to deterioration, and whether the storage environment will accelerate or slow down the deterioration process. HEALTHY LIFE