I love skin care, but my pores are still big? You may have used the wrong way. Don’t be silly and don’t know

Nowadays, skin care and make-up are the daily “work” that every girl attaches great importance to. However, do you find that on weekdays you pay attention to maintenance and care, but your pores are still very big?

this is a problem that most girls will encounter now. If you are the same, it may be because you use the wrong skin care method. Don’t be silly and don’t know. In this issue, mianmianmian will discuss this issue with you.

pores are the most troublesome problem for many girls, and pores are often closely related to our heredity, work and rest, and skin texture. At the same time, pores also form because of the natural aging of our skin.

older people naturally have larger pores, but at the same time, pore size is also related to our daily skin care. Although you usually use a lot of maintenance products, also used a lot of cosmetics to repair pores, but the pore problem still exists.

this includes genetic factors as well as natural aging factors, including chemicals and ultraviolet radiation. Therefore, pore problems and age are closely related to gender.

therefore, if you want to solve the problem of large pores from the root, you should master the right method. If you are often troubled by pore problems, you might as well try the following skills to restore your skin, making your skin whiter, smaller pores, and more delicate and shiny!

you should know that pore size is generally related to oil secretion, so when you have large pores, you must pay attention not to stay up late. Staying up late will increase the speed of sebum secretion, thus accelerating the aging of the human body.

at the same time, excessive intake of sugar, starch and fried food will lead to excessive oil secretion, which will lead to facial problems. Therefore, in daily life, we must pay attention to rest and not stay up late.

there is a standard work and rest time every day, so as to control the oil secretion from the root. Otherwise, it will be useless to use more oil control products and cleaning products.

if you are a student or an office worker who has irregular work and rest all the year round, mianmianmian suggests that we start with a multi-functional facial cleanser combined with “cleaning + skin care + makeup removal”, which can not only help the skin deep clean, but also get rid of grease and “dirty things”, and at the same time, it can achieve the effect of skin care, with more actions.

like the amino acid Cherry Blossom facial cleanser in the makeup hall, it is a typical multi-functional facial cleanser. It has six skin nourishing ingredients, and its cleaning power should not be underestimated.

it can not only help us to carry out deep cleaning, but also achieve the effect of skin care. The more you wash your skin, the cleaner it is, the more tender and delicate it will be. After cleaning the dirty things in the pores, we will solve the problem of large pores. We can try it.

we often envy Korean girls. The main reason is that Korean girls pay more attention to sun protection. So in daily life, no matter how expensive you use cosmetics, you should apply sunscreen when you go out, all over the body.

after all, the strong ultraviolet radiation can easily damage our skin, which will aggravate the problem of large pores. In the sun protection, we can also use the way of umbrella and hat to minimize going out in the strong sunlight, which can greatly alleviate and alleviate the problem of large pores on our face.

people with large pores generally belong to oily or mixed skin skin skin. Some people’s skin also belongs to more sensitive skin, so when using cosmetics to use medical skin care ingredients, the more safe the better.

we should pay attention to skin care products that do not contain alcohol and salicylic acid. Salicylic acid on the effect of blackhead is very good, but if the skin is in a sensitive state, it is not suitable to use salicylic acid, you need to use a mild water emulsion.

bulky pores are also closely related to rehydration. If the skin is short of water for a long time, it will cause skin problems. However, if you simply use some water emulsion, it will not be able to replenish enough water to the skin in time.

because of this, we need to apply the mask regularly. Lazy friends at least two times a week to apply the mask, in the pure use of replenishment mask, 4 times a week or so the best.

the problem of large pores can be divided into many kinds. First of all, we should first understand what causes the problem. If it is because of insufficient daily rest, we should rest early at night.

only by finding out the causes can we fundamentally solve and adjust. Secondly, the pore problem also needs to persist for a long time, so we should not rush for success and give up halfway. I believe that do the above points, your skin will be delicate and shiny, sisters to adhere to Oh! HEALTHY LIFE