I was cheated by some red book again! These “net red skin care methods”, more and more pit

Nowadays, anyone who has a research on “skin care” is bound to go to a red book every day to see if they have the latest skincare skills. < / P > < p > we have to admit that there are many practical and effective skin care methods in a red book, but at the same time, there are many “thunder” in a red book. For example, mianmianmian was cheated by some red book again recently. Below these “net red skin care method”, one by one pit, sisters come to “lightning protection” quickly!

DIY mask is a skin care method that has been popular since long ago. In a way, as long as the DIY material you choose is correct and clean, and the production process is very strict, what is more, it is not a big problem to use DIY mask to whiten.

but now, there are many red nets in a red book that recommend cowboys and all kinds of strange “food whitening combinations”. This kind of mask looks amazing, but the talented people know that they have had holes.

has a lot of net red, now the main DIY mask combination is “cowboy + vitamin E”, bloggers said, such a mask has whitening, acne, black head and deep cleansing facial efficacy. < / P > < p > but is this really the case? Of course not! And not to mention milk, all DIY facial masks are very easy to breed bacteria. This is the first and foremost fact.

directly apply the milk to the face with the milk. It is no doubt to rub all the bacteria together, then force them into your skin pores, allowing bacteria to grow wilfully on your face. This is not skin care at all, but “destroy the skin”. < / P > < p > in this way, I think the Internet celebrities are joking with me. If you really want to whiten, you might as well buy a bottle of real whitening essence, which is both reassuring and economical. We should pay more attention to it and do not blindly follow suit. After all, raising a face is expensive. < / P > < p > using baby oil to get rid of blackheads is also a popular skin care method in a red book. But here, mianmianmian should tell you clearly that baby oil is also bad for your face. < / P > < p > why? As clear as noonday, the ingredients in baby oil are mineral oil and daily flavors. These two ingredients are enough for the skin. And mineral oil or “acne” ingredients, with this method to black head, to go, you may become sensitive muscle. < p > < p > using raw cucumbers to cover the face was actually very popular in the mother generation, but this skin care method has not been suitable for modern times. Nowadays, many foods do not grow freely and healthily as before. The environment is polluted seriously, and the growing environment of plants and food is getting worse and worse. < / P > < p > if you go to the vegetable market to buy a cucumber and put it on your face, you will undoubtedly bring back the “dirty things” from the market and put them directly on your face. This is obviously a wrong move. However, mianmianmian wants to say that it is not worth spending all their time and energy on the so-called net red skin care method, and finally taking their precious face as a “bet”. < / P > < p > this facial cleanser is a combination of make-up removal, cleansing and skin care. As long as one bottle is used, the above-mentioned skin problems can be solved. Its price is not very cheap, but its cost performance is very high. Now, we can make a steady profit. This cleanser adds six skin tonic ingredients to cleanse and protect skin. I < / P > < p > in addition, it also retains the characteristics of “mild and non irritating” of amino acid facial cleanser, which can achieve the best safety. Seven major non added, sensitive muscles can easily wash out good skin. < / P > < p > instead of spending so much energy on trial and error, it’s better to start with this “light of domestic” immortal facial cleanser. It’s easy and reassuring. Why not? If you are often troubled by skin problems, you might as well try this amino acid cleanser in makeup hall. I believe you will be surprised by it! 08/16/2020