If a woman has passed menopause, if she can cross five life span thresholds, Congratulations, longevity will be closer to you

The uterus is an important female reproductive organ, which produces menstruation and gives birth to the fetus, but it is also very fragile. It is prone to a variety of uterine diseases, such as uterine fibroids, uterine cancer and endometriosis. Therefore, women should take good care of the uterus. To master the correct contraceptive method and reduce the number of miscarriage. Reduce sedentary, maintain moderate exercise, because sitting for a long time will affect the circulation of Qi and blood, endometrial tissue hyperplasia, resulting in endometriosis, every 40 minutes of sitting need to consciously stand up, stretch or walk. Mammary gland is a delicate organ. More than 70% of women are threatened by breast diseases, such as breast hyperplasia, mastitis and breast cancer. Now breast cancer is becoming younger. Therefore, women over 18 years old need to take good care of their breast. Adjust the rhythm of life, do not add exogenous estrogen, less angry, keep optimistic attitude, eat less fried food, animal fat and sweet food. Attention to work and rest, maintain a harmonious sexual life, can help to regulate endocrine disorders. Keep moderate exercise, avoid obesity, do self-examination and regular review. < / P > < p > 80% of women experienced marriage and childbirth, but postpartum depression was easy to occur after giving birth to children, which not only destroyed the relationship between husband and wife, but also affected family harmony, and made women have suicidal tendency. Therefore, family members should accompany and take care of postpartum women, communicate with them more, and avoid emotional fluctuations. < p > < p > lung cancer is not only found in men, but also in women who are exposed to second-hand smoke and kitchen fumes. Therefore, it is necessary to take good care of the lung, choose a place with good air in the morning to do deep breathing or chest expansion exercise, which can vomit the old and absorb the new, and help to discharge the turbid air in the lung. Smile more, laugh can make the lung expand, people unconsciously deep breathing, help clean up the respiratory tract, maintain smooth breathing, but also can increase lung capacity, make chest muscles fully extended, help to promote lung qi. < p > < p > estrogen in the body can maintain the elasticity of blood vessels, help to reduce blood lipids, and prevent vascular sclerosis and blockage. However, the decrease of estrogen level in postmenopausal women may increase the risk of myocardial infarction, so it is necessary to take good care of cardiovascular system. Keep your diet light and don’t eat too salty, so as not to raise blood pressure and increase heart burden. Also need to ensure adequate sleep, because always stay up late and lack of sleep, will make the heart overload work, easy to lead to myocardial infarction and sudden death. < / P > < p > it is not easy for women to take good care of themselves in their life. Balanced intake of nutrition, avoid picky food and partial food, maintain normal weight, maintain a positive and optimistic attitude. Take part in more physical exercise to strengthen the physique, learn to adjust good mentality, go to the hospital regularly for examination, once found abnormal, timely solve. If conditions permit, HPV vaccine can be inoculated to minimize the risk of cervical cancer. In addition, it is necessary to be clean and to avoid having multiple sexual partners. 08/16/2020