If female menstruation meets 5 standards, steal music, uterus is still clean, really enviable

But if menstruation does not report on time, they will start to worry about whether their body has problems. Every woman should feel this contradiction.

menstruation is a barometer of women’s health. Menstruation is the result of women’s endometrial shedding. Seemingly simple actions are related to the health of women’s uterus and ovaries.

most women don’t have any symptoms before menstruation, or have some breast pain, lower abdominal pain, rapid heartbeat, fear of cold and drowsiness, big mood fluctuations, etc.

if you have no symptoms before menarche or the above performance is not obvious enough to affect your work and life, then your uterus and ovary are very good.

if any of the reactions are severe, I hope you can go to the hospital for examination in time, because it may be caused by endocrine imbalance in the body, indicating that there are problems in your uterus and ovary.

menstrual cycle refers to the first day of this menstruation, and the first day of the next menstruation is a cycle. If your menstrual cycle is between 21 and 45 days, it is considered normal.

the average menstrual cycle of women is between 28 and 35 days. Congratulations to women during this period. It shows that your uterus is very healthy. If it is less than 21 days or longer than 45 days, it is not normal.

especially for women who are preparing for pregnancy, they may be affected. If you want to improve your pregnancy rate, you need to adjust it in time.

menstrual blood volume is a topic that many women care about, because women find that everyone’s menstrual volume is different in conversation, some people are more, and some people are less.

the amount of menstrual blood discharged by a healthy uterus is in the range of 20-120 ml. some people say how to measure this? In fact, it can be tested by the number of times of using sanitary napkins.

a healthy uterus is calculated based on 10 pieces of sanitary napkins per package. It is normal to need 1-3 packages for each menstruation. If there is less than one package or more than three packages, we should be vigilant, especially for women after 45 years old.

when menstrual blood just flows out of the body, it should be bright red, but when women find it, it usually appears dark red, which is the result of oxidation. It’s a normal phenomenon, so don’t worry too much.

due to the influence of prostate hormone, menstrual blood generally does not coagulate. If the menstrual blood volume is relatively large and the prostaglandin does not match the blood volume, it will lead to blood clotting. If the body does not feel dry, there is no need to panic.

the menstruation time brought by a healthy uterus is about 2-8 days. Most women have menstruation within 3-7 days. If less than two days or longer than 8 days, it is abnormal.

there are many factors affecting menstrual blood volume, such as staying up late leading to endocrine disorders, malnutrition and so on, which will lead to less menstrual volume and need to be adjusted in time.

if you can meet the above five characteristics when you come to the regular holiday, it means that your uterus is very healthy, which is really enviable. In addition, just after the regular holiday, you must pay attention to your eating habits and living habits, so as to help keep the uterus clean.

just after the end of the period, women can eat mung bean soup, which can help dehumidification and sterilization, enhance the body’s resistance, and help to prevent gynecological problems. Mung bean is easy to eat, just drink soup.

the quinine substance in balsam pear has the functions of clearing away heat, detoxifying and relieving itching. Many women have gynecological problems, which are mostly caused by excessive moisture. Eating balsam pear properly is more helpful to alleviate them.

dandelion is very common in life. It has the functions of detumescence, diuresis, clearing away heat and detoxification. It can help to take care of the health of uterus and prevent gynecological problems.

dandelion is a kind of cold food. You can’t drink too much. You can drink dandelion water with appropriate rose tea, which is more suitable for women. It can help eliminate harmful substances in the body and keep the uterus clean.

the uterus is very important for women’s health. I hope you must develop good living habits and eating habits to help maintain the stability of the body’s internal environment and enhance your resistance and immunity, so as to make your uterus clean and smooth. 08/17/2020