If husband and wife share the same room, three mistakes will “destroy” the womb, and one will stop immediately

Ning Ning has graduated for three years and has been working in an Internet company. At the same time, she got to know her boyfriend and began to discuss marriage. Recently, Ning Ning in the work of sudden abdominal pain, was sent to the hospital by colleagues, after the doctor’s examination, the final diagnosis of HPV infection. < p > < p > after seeing the results, Ning Ning Ning said that he could not accept it and cried out for re examination. How could he be infected with HPV when he was so young? The doctor explained that there are many reasons for HPV infection. After hearing this, Ning Ning would cover her face and cry bitterly. < p > < p > Ning Ning recalled that when she roomed with her boyfriend, she never took safety measures. She took medicine afterwards, and had a miscarriage last year because of improper protection. I also found some abnormalities in the body recently, such as increased leucorrhea and lower abdominal pain. I thought it was caused by the high work pressure, so I didn’t care about it. Perhaps it is because of these bad habits, coupled with the discovery of abnormal not timely examination, the uterus “collapsed.”. < / P > < p > many couples in the same room in order to pursue temporary comfort, and do not do any safety measures, after the girls can only take contraceptives to solve, this way is very harmful to the body, it is easy to lead to menstrual disorders. If not handled properly, not careful pregnancy, abortion surgery will seriously hurt women’s uterus, more virus bacteria can take advantage of the opportunity to induce cervical lesions. < / P > < p > when women come to menstruation, it is the period of body detoxification. At this time, women’s body resistance is low, and their uterus is relatively fragile. If they share the same room during this period, they are easy to be invaded by bacteria and viruses, which will bring serious damage to the uterus and increase the risk of cross infection. < / P > < p > if the husband and wife do not pay attention to hygiene during rooming, it will increase the risk of HPV infection. After rooming with the opposite sex, women must pay attention to clean their bodies, wash and change their personal clothes frequently, and do not mix personal belongings with others to prevent cross infection. < / P > < p > in life, if you have one of the above, please stop immediately, because these will cause serious damage to the womb and increase the risk of HPV infection. Therefore, in daily life, to develop good habits, do three things, care for the health of the uterus. At present, according to the types of HPV that can be prevented, the available HPV vaccines can be divided into bivalent HPV vaccine, tetravalent HPV vaccine and 9valent HPV vaccine. The risk of HPV infection increases with age, so the benefits of HPV vaccination in younger people are higher. < p > < p > nutrition is the key to alleviate HPV infection. Eat more eggs, lean meat and fresh fruits and vegetables to supplement the nutrition needed by the body. You should also pay attention to water supplement. You should take no less than 1500ml water every day. You can also add a spoonful of Western wheat dual elements containing vitamins, nucleic acids, malt selenium and other nutrients in the water, which can help improve the body’s resistance, activate phagocytes, promote the growth of B lymphocytes, and produce immunoglobulin, so as to form an immune barrier for the body and help HPV turn negative better. < / P > < p > the human body can only discharge harmful substances during deep sleep. If you stay up late for a long time and the sleep quality is poor, it will reduce our body’s resistance and is not conducive to HPV turning negative. Therefore, we should ensure enough sleep time every day and develop good work and rest habits. PARRENT&CHILDREN