If in the third trimester of pregnancy, the body has these “physiological reactions”, it proves that the baby is coming

At this time the pregnant mother must not be careless, to be vigilant. Due date is getting closer and closer, to avoid the occurrence of bad situation, pregnant mother should be prepared.

what signs does a pregnant mother have before giving birth? What should pregnant mothers pay attention to? These problems must not be ignored. It is best for pregnant mothers to know in advance.

in fact, some time ago, Xiao Yin became popular. As he was busy with other things, he didn’t pay much attention to the reason that he felt that he might be too tired these days.

but who ever thought that within a few days, Xiao Yin’s stomach suddenly began to ache, and she was about to give birth. Her family rushed her to the hospital. Fortunately, there is no danger, mother and son are very good.

the doctor said it was good to send it in time, otherwise the child would be born on the road. It seems that there is no big problem, in fact, Xiao Yin ignored a lot earlier. Little Yin Jue got the expected date of delivery before the normal production, did not care about some signs before the expected date of delivery.

special attention should be paid to the third trimester of pregnancy. Red and contractions may be the signal of production. At this time, the pregnant mother should choose to go to the hospital in time to avoid delay and adverse consequences.

at this time, the pregnant mother should judge whether it is uterine contraction. The two should not be confused. Pregnant women will feel contractions before giving birth, and the amount of amniotic fluid will gradually decrease.

under normal circumstances, pregnant mothers will be very obvious during activities, and contractions will appear almost every 5 minutes. At this time, we should pay more attention to it. We should go to the hospital immediately and make prenatal preparation in advance.

pregnant mothers have low back pain during the whole pregnancy. But before the due date, such symptoms may become more serious, indicating that the pregnant mother is about to give birth.

when the fetus enters the pelvis, it is easy to cause compression on the nerves around the pelvis, and the pain in the back and waist is gradually aggravated. At this time, you should rush to the hospital for examination as soon as possible.

before the due date of delivery, the amniotic membrane may rupture at any time, not necessarily accompanied by other symptoms. At this time, the pressure in the uterine cavity will gradually increase, and at the same time, amniotic fluid will flow out of the body.

as the time of delivery approaches, the uterus gradually opens, and the vagina may discharge bloody mucus. Pregnant mother should pay attention to the amount of bleeding, as long as it exceeds the daily menstrual volume, with obvious abdominal pain, it is necessary to prepare as early as possible to go to the hospital for labor.

pregnant mothers should see doctors in a timely manner and should not be taken lightly. A lot of pregnant mothers think it’s because they don’t have a good rest. In fact, it’s not.

at this time, the development speed of the fetus is rapid, and the pregnant mother needs a lot of reserved nutrition to ensure the smooth production. Pregnant mothers should pay attention to supplement protein, calcium and vitamins and other nutrients.

during pregnancy, we should try to keep the principle of eating less and more meals. In order to meet the nutritional needs, pregnant mothers can increase to about five meals a day. But we should pay attention to the diversity of diet and ensure that nutrition is the most important.

after pregnancy, it is inevitable that the pregnant mother will not be able to move easily, so it is necessary to maintain correct posture during activities. This is not only for the sake of the baby’s health, but also to ensure their own safety.

when sitting down: the pregnant mother should try to keep her back straight and her feet flat as far as possible, and use the strength of her legs to support her; when walking: the pregnant mother should straighten her back as much as possible to keep her body balance so as to move forward steadily; when going up and down stairs, the pregnant mother should grasp the handrail of the stairs and try to use the strength of her arms to reduce the pressure on her legs. 3) Sleep state

sleep posture will directly affect the quality of sleep. In the third trimester of pregnancy, the pregnant mother should avoid long-term supine posture, which may increase the pressure of inferior vena cava, thus affecting the normal development of the baby.

pregnant mothers should learn to use other parts of the body to move, such as shoulders and elbows, which can provide good support. Remember to move slowly, and all the process should be carried out slowly, not too fast.

when the due date of delivery is approaching, pregnant mothers can’t help being nervous, but sometimes they can’t hide their expectations. Not only daily life, but also pay attention to maintain a peaceful mind, a happy mood is conducive to smooth production.