If men appear four kinds of “ugly”, or remind you: androgen is about to “bottom”

Androgen is a very important hormone for men, it represents the charm of men, men’s physical characteristics and health are closely related to androgen.

the development and secondary characteristics of male reproductive organs are particularly closely related to sex hormones, so the male hormones in the body are strong, which can help to show the charm of men and improve their physical quality.

but with the gradual growth of age, androgen will gradually decrease. When a man enters middle age, the following performances appear, indicating that the androgen in your body is drying up.

as men grow older, their skin condition will get worse and worse, lacking luster, and there are more and more wrinkles on their faces, even giving people a feeling of prematurity.

the appearance of this kind of situation indicates that the androgen in your body is gradually declining. When the androgen decreases, there will be a variety of changes in your body, and the change on your face is the most obvious.

at this time, you will find that your face is dark and has lost its luster. At this time, you must supplement androgen for your body in time to help maintain the normal operation of the human body.

not only women are afraid of aging, but men are also very afraid of aging. However, women are very sensitive to aging. When their bodies show signs of aging, they can feel it immediately.

but it’s hard for men to detect signs of their own aging. In fact, when men enter the aging state, their bodies will also show ugly appearance, such as abnormal irritability.

when the male hormone in the body gradually decreases, the mood will be greatly affected, and it is easy to show irritability. At this time, he will vent his inner dissatisfaction to the people around him.

even if young people are tired during the day and work overtime at night, as long as they have enough rest, they can recover quickly. This shows that the male hormone in the body is strong and can help relieve fatigue.

but with the gradual growth of age, when people enter the aging state, they often can’t recover their joints in time when they are excessively tired, and they will also have pain, which indicates that androgen in the body has gradually declined.

joint pain in addition to timely supplement of calcium, but also timely supplement of androgen for the body, so as to maintain the normal operation of the human body, can also help relieve joint pain.

most men have frequent and urgent urination, which not only indicates that the androgen in the body has become dry, but also indicates that your menopause has arrived.

after middle age, you are likely to have frequent and urgent urination, and the color of your urine will also show signs of abnormal yellowing, which indicates that your kidney and prostate have entered an aging state, and you need to supplement androgen for your body.

in today’s society, men are under great pressure in work and life. Many men choose to work hard for their work. When they work overtime, they will stay up late. Lack of sleep will affect their health, kidney detoxification and metabolism, and androgen will gradually dry up.

many male friends prefer to take health care products, which play the role of Tonifying the kidney and protecting the kidney. However, taking drugs indiscriminately will increase the metabolic burden of the kidney. So often take drugs, more likely to lead to unstable hormones in the body, I hope you can get rid of it as soon as possible.

most young people prefer to drink carbonated drinks rather than water, and even use carbonated drinks instead of boiled water. They don’t know that carbonated drinks will add a lot of additives and sugar in the production process, which will also increase the metabolic burden of the kidney, affect renal function, and even disturb the stability of hormones in the body.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that black enters the kidney. Often eat black food, help to maintain kidney health. Black wolfberry also has a strong tonic effect on women’s body and a strong maintenance effect on men.

men insist on drinking water with black wolfberry in their daily life, which is very powerful for kidney maintenance, helps to improve kidney function and shows men’s charm. Black wolfberry is also known as the androgen gas station.

litchi is rich in nutrients, and it is rich in sugars, which can help supplement nutrients for the body. Men often eat litchi, which can also help stimulate the secretion of androgen in the body, so that men’s kidneys are full of vitality.

quail meat is rich in nutrients, including a variety of inorganic salts, soft phospholipids and a variety of amino acids needed by the human body. Regular eating is good for health. Regular eating by male friends is more conducive to nourishing the kidney, making your kidney function more and more powerful and showing male charm.

many people think of the fragrance of Osmanthus fragrans first. Osmanthus fragrans not only can be viewed, but also can be drunk with water instead of tea. It can help to refresh the mind, nourish the kidney, replenish vitality, and regulate the hormone stability in the body. Drinking Osmanthus fragrans tea often can also help to detoxify, nourish the stomach, and make your face ruddy and shiny.

if men want to maintain stable androgen in their daily life, they must develop good living habits and eating habits to help their kidney function become more and more powerful and highlight their male charm. Luanban