If the body has “1 mA, 2 hard”, may be the signal of cerebral infarction, for health, check yourself as soon as possible

I believe that you are no stranger to cerebral infarction. As a “frequent visitor” of middle-aged and elderly people, cerebral infarction has been deeply worried in many people’s hearts. Many people in old age, whenever there is a little discomfort, will worry about their own cerebral infarction, often their own fear. < / P > < p > numbness is not uncommon in the body. When sleeping, the posture is wrong and the nerves in some parts are compressed, which will cause this symptom. But if numbness occurs on only one side of the body and occurs frequently, it is important to note that the blood circulation inside the brain is blocked. There are many important blood vessels and nerve centers in the brain. When blood vessels are blocked, they will show obvious abnormalities, which need our careful attention. < / P > < p > a healthy person will not have the symptoms of stiff tongue. In the whole process of cerebral infarction patients, the symptoms of tongue stiffness may appear repeatedly. This is because the nerves in our brain are affected by the poor blood circulation, which leads to the hard tongue base. If there is such a symptom, I hope you will not ignore it. < / P > < p > many office workers sit in front of the computer for a whole day. Their necks rarely rotate and a posture can be maintained for a long time, which is a great challenge for the cervical spine. If the neck has stiff symptoms, I hope you don’t take it as a trivial matter, and think that you just need to rotate the neck more. It may be that the brain is sending you a “signal”, and the blood supply to the brain may be insufficient. < / P > < p > many people like to eat processed food, which can save people a lot of time and energy, but its nutritional value will be greatly reduced. In addition, in order to extend the shelf life of most domestic meat, a lot of salt, preservatives and additives will be added. If you often live on this kind of food, you will unconsciously take in a lot of salt, which will make the blood thicker and increase the risk of hypertension and cerebral infarction. Nowadays, pickle is also a favorite “treasure”. Whether it is porridge in the morning or served as a side dish at noon and evening, pickle can be loved by everyone. Indeed, there are many kinds of pickles. Those who don’t like to eat pickled radishes have other choices. There is always one that can increase people’s appetite. However, most of these foods contain excessive salt. If they are usually eaten more, they are not good for controlling blood pressure and preventing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. < / P > < p > for some people, sweets may occupy an important place in all foods, without which they may lose their fun. In particular, cream cake, when hungry in the afternoon, a sweet cream cake, is the hobby of many people, but most of these foods contain very high fat and sugar, especially trans fatty acids. Once excessive intake, it is easy to induce thrombosis, cause vascular blockage, and increase the risk of cerebral infarction. < / P > < p > in fact, some people also know that many delicious foods are invisible health “killers”, but it is difficult for people to control their own appetite. If they are not allowed to touch them, they may only aggravate their desire for these foods. Therefore, we should figure out which one is more important, appetite and health! < / P > < p > some people choose to enjoy themselves in time, while others choose to be bitter before sweet. Different choices will bring different life experiences. Although some people seem to be controlling their desires all the time, ten years later, you’ll find the gap between you and them. < p > < p > conclusion: cerebral infarction is a disease that everyone is afraid of. However, as long as we control the intake of oil, salt, sugar, fat and cholesterol in daily life, and exercise appropriately, we will get a “gift package” of sticking to healthy habits. Focus