If the female reaches middle age, four kinds of food are always prepared at home, which can reduce the three high, resist aging, and beautify and beautify

Once a woman has reached the young stage, she will begin to worry about whether she is too old and whether her body will have diseases. With the growth of age, worry about all aspects of their body problems, including whether their face looks bad, wrinkled, etc. Of course, the body is regulated and controlled by its functions. It has flesh and blood. If the body is consumed for a long time, it is inevitable that there will be three higher problems caused by physical diseases and inattention to diet. < / P > < p > if women are in middle age, they have no problems with their feet and legs and can move freely. They can also often go out to dance and climb mountains. This is the phenomenon of vigorous and vigorous. The muscles have been well trained in normal times, without degeneration. If from the foot began to appear small problems, it may be that the body state did not keep up with, need to do a good job in health care. < / P > < p > as soon as women reach middle age, they tend to look dull and have no ruddy luster on their faces. This is because when young, life pressure is too big, often bad mood, and the night life is rich, excessive fatigue leads to volatilization. There may be too much worry, resulting in wrinkles, crow’s feet a lot. < / P > < p > as women grow older and do not love sports, their own strength will not keep up, especially from the strength of their hands. When a woman’s grip strength becomes very small, it means that the heart of her body is not healthy, that is, she looks older than her peers. Joint and muscle strength is not strong, so it is easy to appear, osteoporosis phenomenon. < / P > < p > with the growth of age, the phenomenon of hair gray will be more and more, if not to a certain age, the hair is a lot of gray, may be the body pressure is too big, the body circulation and blood state is not good, should pay attention to maintenance and health care in time. Today’s middle-aged women often have constipation due to eating a lot of refined food and not exercising. You may not have been to the toilet three times a week. May be because the body’s endocrine and digestion and absorption of the workplace work is not smooth, digestive system problems, resulting in the phenomenon. The content of vitamins in green jujube is very high, even higher than that of kiwifruit with the same low calorie content. Vitamin C can help women provide iron ions, make up for ischemia, and help clean up the intestines and help skin beautification. As a common vegetable in our life, chrysanthemum crown chrysanthemum contains water and tastes crispy. The rich dietary fiber can help regulate digestion and absorption of intestines and stomach, as well as resist body free radicals and anti-aging. It is also one of the salads that fitness people often eat. It is low-fat and protects cardiovascular system. The fern is also rich in nutrients and cellulose. To promote blood circulation and reduce blood pressure, there are many ways to help women replenish qi and blood, restore facial complexion, relieve body heat and remove toxins. Help women’s bodies sterilize. In Volvariella volvacea, there are many vitamins that can help the body to reduce heat, calm liver qi and improve immunity. It can help to reduce the three high, dredge blood circulation and transform glycogen. < p > < p > Ficus carica is rich in enzymes, which can help the body better metabolize fat and sugar, improve oxygen exchange, protect liver and detoxification, beautify and beautify, and reduce blood sugar and blood lipid. < p > < p > mulberry leaves protect heart and liver, seabuckthorn can promote digestion, corn must lower blood pressure, help defecation, chrysanthemum clearing heat and detoxification, cassia seed eyesight to expel moisture, hawthorn to accelerate intestinal peristalsis, Cyclocarya paliurus leaf to regulate blood glucose, reduce blood pressure, burdock root eliminate edema, stabilize blood pressure, lotus leaf improves appetite, clean spleen and stomach, Huaihua soothes liver qi, reduces liver fire, and pueraria is rich in flavonoids and amino acids Acid, beauty and beauty. Your name will always exist on the Internet