If the fetus wants to “check out”, it will send three signals in advance. Pregnant women should not wait for the due date

In late pregnancy, with the gradual increase of the abdomen, pregnant women feel very heavy body, and therefore look forward to early delivery. However, production is not a one-sided matter, but also depends on the “will” of the fetus. < p > < p > light rain is approaching the expected date of delivery, but there is no sign of production. Because of being bored at home, I want to go out and play. My mother-in-law is afraid of an accident, so she does not allow Xiaoyu to go out at will. At the same time, the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law were also confused, so they went to the hospital for consultation. The doctor said that although Xiaoyu is due to give birth, but from the current situation, the fetus has no plan to be born in the womb, which may delay the time of delivery, which is normal. The doctor also said that the mother-in-law’s practice is right. After a pregnant woman enters the expected delivery period, she may have signs of childbirth at any time, so she can’t go out, otherwise there will be danger. < p > < p > the doctor told Xiaoyu that once the body appears contractions, redness and other manifestations, it is a signal that the fetus is about to give birth, so he should go to the hospital immediately for labor without delay. < / P > < p > with the approach of the expected delivery period, the number of uterine contractions will be more and more. Some pregnant women will have contractions with a time of only more than 10 seconds, but the interval is as long as 20 minutes, and the final time decreases. These are irregular false contractions. < / P > < p > this kind of uterine contraction is to stimulate the uterine orifice regularly and let the pregnant woman’s uterine orifice open slowly, thus creating conditions for the birth of the fetus. This is the process of opening the uterine orifice from one finger to ten fingers. (1) when pregnant women are about to give birth, they should pay attention to their own body and carefully record the time and frequency of contractions. (2) in the occurrence of false contractions, whether at home or outside, pregnant women should immediately rest, and after a period of time, the contractions will automatically ease. (3) in late pregnancy, pregnant women should not touch their abdomen too frequently. This action will stimulate the uterus and even lead to premature delivery. Because the fetus is more sensitive to touch from the outside world at this time, which leads to the increase of activity in pregnant women, so that the amniotic fluid of pregnant women increases, which easily leads to the phenomenon of umbilical cord winding around the body, which affects the safety of delivery. < / P > < p > some pregnant women will be the first to see red when they are about to give birth, which is also one of the signs that the fetus is about to start. When pregnant women see red, the body has bleeding phenomenon, but the amount will not be too much, accompanied by mild pain phenomenon. (1) after the red light appears, the formal production usually takes a few days. Pregnant women can go to the hospital for examination. As for whether they are hospitalized immediately or waiting for labor at home, they need to obey the doctor’s arrangement and not be too nervous. However, some pregnant women will break water ahead of time when the fetus starts, resulting in premature rupture of membranes. There are also pregnant women in the mouth of the uterus after opening, still did not appear broken water. At present, the cause of premature rupture of water in pregnant women has not been understood in medicine, but it may be related to infection. It is also related to excessive amniotic fluid, multiple pregnancy and uterine pressure. < / P > < p > (1) timely detection of broken water. Once you find that your body is abnormal, there is warm and clear body fluid flowing out, even if you change the sitting posture immediately, it can’t be relieved, which indicates that water breaking has occurred. (2) if the water is broken, the pregnant woman should be hospitalized immediately. Once broken water, will cause the amniotic fluid in the pregnant woman’s uterus to drop sharply, let the fetus appear anoxia or the phenomenon of umbilical cord falling off. In addition, after breaking the water, the fetus will contact with the outside world, and there is a risk of infection. In the process of entering the hospital, pregnant women should lie down, put pillows on their waist, and take the posture of head down and feet high. To the hospital can not walk or sit, which will cause more amniotic fluid reduction, a threat to the safety of the fetus. In childbirth, the expected date of delivery is only a rough time, and the fetus may be started earlier or later. < / P > < p > when the fetus wants to “check out”, it may send out one signal or several signals at the same time. As long as one of them is sent out, pregnant women should immediately go to the hospital for labor, and at the same time, make preparations for the birth of the fetus. HEALTHY LIFE