If the liver is not good, beware of three abnormal signs, daily diet to eat “1 yellow”, the liver will be happy

Not only that, some bad work and rest and eating habits in life will also lead to liver damage, such as high-fat, high sugar diet makes people obese, obesity leads to visceral fat increase, fatty liver appears, if fatty liver can not be controlled for a long time, the disease worsens, then it may appear liver fibrosis, even cirrhosis, and cirrhosis is an important cause of liver deterioration Stage, generally to this state, the liver has been unable to return to normal.

in the early stage of liver disease, there is no feeling. The reason is that the liver does not have any pain nerve, so it is not easy to find the early stage of liver disease. The liver is located in the upper right side of the abdomen. If there is pain in the upper right side of the abdomen suddenly, then don’t be careless. It may be the local pain caused by liver disease.

Moreover, in the late stage of liver disease, if the liver has malignant transformation, when the tumor appears, the tumor will slowly grow, which will compress the peripheral pain nerves, resulting in pain in the liver.

body cramps are very common. For example, because a certain posture is too long, or because the stretching posture compresses the nerves, there will be cramps. There are many types of leg cramps, which can be eliminated one by one.

in general, the reason for frequent leg cramps is that the squatting time is too long, or because of cold or calcium deficiency. If none of the above three situations occurs, then it can be concluded that it is the liver problem. In traditional medicine, it is believed that the liver dominates the tendons, so the abnormal fascia may also be related to the changes of liver condition.

the main reason for halitosis is due to the decline of liver function. The main reason is that after the decline of liver function, the detoxification function in the body will decline, the ammonia level in the body will increase, and the content in the blood will increase, so it will spread out through the oral mucosa, thus causing halitosis.

Hawthorn has the effect of appetizing, many people like to eat it very much, but for people with poor liver, it is recommended to eat less hawthorn. Hawthorn contains a lot of acidic substances, which will cause liver damage after entering the body, and people with liver disease should eat less.

spicy food should be given up for patients with liver disease. Pepper contains capsaicin, which not only stimulates the stomach and nerves, but also speeds up the blood flow in the body. Eating pepper often will lead to vigorous liver fire in the body, leading to some liver diseases.

usually drink more liver nourishing tea, which can also timely remove the garbage and toxins in the liver, and protect the health of the liver, such as cassia seed, chicory, Imperata root, dandelion, Lycium barbarum. These ingredients have very good heat clearing and detoxification effect, and reasonable compatibility can help liver repair.

the above ingredients are common ingredients. When they are combined, they also become cassia seed chicory tea. Take them out after meals every day and brew a bag with boiling water. If you have nothing to do, the liver is getting better every day!

pumpkin tastes sweet and has very low calorie. It contains very high dietary fiber, which is a very good food. Many people like it as staple food or side dish. Moreover, pumpkin also contains a lot of pectin, which has a good repair effect on liver cells. Moreover, the vitamins in pumpkin can also improve the detoxification function of liver. 15 entry-level basic skin care rules, skin care Xiaobai quickly take to collect!