If the lung is not good, there will be four kinds of abnormalities in the body. After the age of 40, we should “stop two things and eat three fruits” to raise the lung

As we all know, the greatest value of the lung is in charge of breathing, and breathing is the basis of “life extension”. Once a person’s breathing is blocked, he is not far away from his illness. In fact, the lung is also the most delicate organ in the human body. Many people always feel that the human body has the function of self-healing. No matter how much they “spoil”, the body can recover itself. In fact, this idea is the most irresponsible, because we can’t judge how strong the self-healing ability of each organ of each person is, and the self-healing ability is also limited, which is not as powerful as we think. In particular, if the lung, which is easily injured, is not well protected and always wants to let it “live and die”, then there is no need to wait for 70 years old and 80 years old. Maybe the lung will be “laid off” in advance when he is in his 40s. < / P > < p > most people may think that insomnia is related to the exuberant liver fire, but the lung is actually the organ that really controls “Qi”. If there is a problem with the lung, Qi and blood will be blocked, and the human body will not be nourished by oxygen, and all parts will be affected. In particular, the body will suffer from symptoms such as upset and falling asleep due to lack of oxygen, which is mainly due to the decline of lung function and Qi and blood Weakness. < / P > < p > every organ of the human body has its own rest time. This time is not really a time for them to “sleep”, but a time for them to repair and adjust themselves. The lungs will use this period of time for detoxification and metabolism to drain all the pollutants and toxins absorbed in the whole day. However, if the lung qi is insufficient, the detoxification work will be affected and people will easily wake up. I hope you can pay attention to it. However, some people who don’t like singing loud in KTV are not likely to have hoarseness the next day. Because the vocal cord is closely related to the lung, when the lung lesions, vocal cords are prone to paralysis, resulting in hoarseness. I hope you don’t take it seriously. Under normal circumstances, normal people will not cough suddenly and frequently, unless it is a cold or accidentally choked. However, some people who smoke for a long time often have symptoms such as cough and chest tightness. There is no doubt that it is caused by excessive lung accumulation. In fact, it’s easy to see whether a person’s lung is good or not, because after the lung is stimulated, he would like to become a “big trumpet”. He is also suffering from chest tightness and shortness of breath. I’m afraid we don’t know. < p > < p > people with bad lungs are most afraid of getting angry easily. Nowadays, many people are out of control and selfish. They tend to vent their anger, regardless of what others think or whether anger will affect their health. For some people, smoking is a way to relieve boredom and worry, but we can’t ignore the harm of smoke itself. If we smoke for a long time, our lungs will be “held” by toxins and our health will be threatened. As we all know, pear is the most famous lung food among all fruits. Even those who don’t know it, pear water can moisten the lung and relieve cough. Usually if you often smoke, it is best to eat more white pears, especially in the early autumn season, can reduce dry phlegm. < / P > < p > now that oranges are on the market, many friends prefer to eat oranges. In fact, this fruit is not only delicious, but also beneficial to the lungs, especially in improving cough and maintaining lungs. You can eat more appropriately. < / P > < p > maybe many people don’t know much about water chestnut. Although this kind of fruit is not common, it has high nutritional value and sweet taste. It can nourish yin, moisten lung and excrete lung toxins by eating more in early autumn. < / P > < p > conclusion: the lung is actually very simple, as long as we seriously adhere to, usually optimistic, less depressed, strengthen exercise, the lung will gradually become better. 08/16/2020