If there are three abnormalities after getting up in the morning, it shows that uric acid is high, accounting for only one. We should also pay attention to nourishing the kidney

Introduction: the well-known “three highs” are high blood sugar, high blood fat and high blood pressure. But the “high uric acid” that most people don’t know is called the fourth highest. And with the progress of society and the rising of people’s living standard, the frequency of high uric acid is increasing, which is seriously endangering a large part of human health. Under normal circumstances, the body’s daily synthesis of some uric acid, and some can be metabolized uric acid, will maintain a relative balance. But if one day this balance is broken, it will lead to a part of uric acid can not be normal metabolism out, a large amount of accumulation in the body. Once it exceeds 420 μ mol / L, it is called hyperuricemia.

so how can we judge whether a person’s uric acid exceeds the standard? According to the research of medical experts, if there are three abnormalities after getting up in the morning, it shows that uric acid is on the high side. Uric acid is on the high side, so we don’t have to panic too much. There are many “little experts” who can reduce uric acid in our life. As long as we do it conscientiously, we will be able to prevent gout and benefit the kidney.

you can eat more foods that can reduce uric acid. For example, chicory, Gardenia jasminoides, Pueraria lobata, corn silk and other foods mentioned in the health snacks of the old Chinese medicine can reduce uric acid very well, but the direct eating effect is poor. You can choose to take chicory Gardenia fermentation broth, which is made of all the above food materials by special technology, which is definitely reducing uric acid “Master”!

according to Wu Qian, tea made with chicory, gardenia, Pueraria, lily, mulberry leaf, euryale, coix seed, Poria cocos, liquorice and other plants is very effective for reducing uric acid. Because this is also based on the traditional Chinese medicine snacks prescription, the principle of medicine and food homology is as follows:

Pueraria lobata: increase blood flow, reduce vascular resistance and myocardial oxygen consumption, increase blood oxygen supply, inhibit myocardial lactic acid production caused by oxygen deficiency, and reduce uric acid synthesis.

Lily: it contains a variety of alkaloids, flavonoids and glycosides, volatile components and rich minerals. It can interact with uric acid and relieve the metabolic pressure of uric acid.

if you have to mix a variety of plants every time you drink, it’s really troublesome and a waste of time. Therefore, I recommend a finished tea bag for you, which is also very effective.

conclusion: when it comes to high uric acid, many people will associate with gout. Indeed, if uric acid is too high, it will lead to gout. But what many people don’t know is that gout is only one of the complications of hyperuricemia. If uric acid remains in the body for a long time and cannot be discharged, and is in a state exceeding the standard, it will cause a lot of damage to the body, such as damage to renal function, serious even cause renal failure, and then endanger life. Therefore, we must reduce uric acid in time!