If there is a new urban dog keeping system, do you want to ban it or impose heavy penalties on uncivilized dog keeping

If a new urban dog keeping system is introduced, many people want to ban dogs. But is it a bit of a one size fits all policy to ban dog ownership? And it’s very unrealistic to forbid raising dogs, so let’s focus on reality. I personally think that it is necessary to regulate dog keeping and punish uncivilized dog owners. And this has been implemented in many first tier cities.

the first thing we should do now is to strengthen the regulation of dog keeping, although many people are in favor of banning dog ownership. But think about why some people, especially the elderly, have dogs? Isn’t there a companion? Some old people whose children are not around are actually very lonely in their inner world. Don’t look at them always say to their children busy point nothing, you busy you don’t care about them. It’s true, isn’t it? Frankly, it’s just that you don’t have to disturb your children. People keep a dog and cat to accompany themselves. If your parents own dogs, do you agree to forbidding dogs? Excuse me, is the dog trying to annoy you? So it’s totally unrealistic to ban dogs. It also has a bit of a one size fits all flavor. It’s like there are always violations of laws and regulations in cars. When people ask you what to do, you tell them to directly prohibit driving to solve the problem. Is this realistic? Is it feasible? It’s totally impractical. The final way is to standardize and reasonably increase the intensity of punishment.

so on this issue, I still think that we should strengthen the punishment, standardize and civilized dog keeping is the most feasible way. As for the prohibition of keeping dogs, it is more or less one size fits all. I don’t know what do you think of the problem of keeping dogs in the city? You are welcome to leave your own views.