If there is pain in these four parts during pregnancy, congratulations to the pregnant mother. In fact, the fetus is “reporting safety”

Only women who have experienced pregnancy know how hard it is to be pregnant. After pregnancy, there will be a series of changes in the body, such as early pregnancy hair should appear, as well as long stretch marks on the stomach.

these changes are very tormenting. In addition to some uncomfortable symptoms, even some parts of the body also have pain, which makes many pregnant mothers worry about whether it is their own health problems.

but in fact, abdominal pain in early pregnancy may be due to the implantation of the fertilized egg. After the sperm and the egg meet to form a fertilized egg, it is necessary to find a suitable and safe place for implantation, so as to take root and germinate, that is, the development of the subsequent embryo.

so in the early pregnancy, if it’s just abdominal pain, the pregnant mother doesn’t have to be too nervous. This is caused by the embryo “rooting”. Just like the seeds sprouting, the pregnant mother will inevitably have discomfort, so just relax.

after pregnancy, the body is affected by hormone secretion, and the chest will undergo secondary development. The pregnant mother’s chest will become bigger, but also has the distending pain feeling. This is normal.

a pregnant mother’s chest will become more sensitive, so the underwear worn during pregnancy should be comfortable and soft, so as not to press and stimulate the chest and affect the secretion of postpartum breast milk.

in the middle and late stages of pregnancy, the pregnant mother’s belly is also gradually uplifted. The enlargement of the pregnant mother’s abdomen will bring great pressure on the pregnant mother’s lumbar spine. Therefore, the pregnant mother often has the feeling of backache and backache.

in addition, low back pain caused by low back pain may also be caused by calcium deficiency in the body. Especially in the second and third trimester of pregnancy, the fetus is in the stage of rapid development, and the natural demand for calcium increases.

therefore, if you want to alleviate this situation, it is suggested that mothers should pay more attention to calcium supplement. In addition, they should also avoid sedentary activities, so as to prevent the aggravation of backache and backache caused by overwork.

this pain can occur in the third trimester of pregnancy. In the third trimester of pregnancy, the body will begin to prepare for the delivery of the fetus in the near future. The most obvious change is that the mother’s body will secrete a kind of “relaxant element”, prompting the pubic bone to open slowly, and the pelvis will become relaxed, so that the fetus will be better delivered later.

this kind of pain often makes the pregnant mother “unable to speak out” because the pain will be more obvious in special positions, especially when exercising and going up and down stairs.

Sometimes we can see that pregnant women in the third trimester walk like “penguins”. In fact, the distance between the pubis of pregnant women is widened to meet the physiological needs of the growing fetus.

this also reflects from the side that the fetus is actually developing healthily, and the increased distance between pubic bones will gradually recover to the original position within a period of time after delivery, so pregnant mothers need not worry too much.

after pregnancy, if the pregnant mother has pain in these four parts of her body, it is not her own body and fetal development problems, but it just shows that the fetus is well developed, so there is no need for the pregnant mother to be too nervous.