If women want to get pregnant and have children, they must bypass these two age groups, otherwise both pregnant mother and fetus will suffer

After the female enters puberty, each organ of the body will gradually develop and mature, and the maturation of reproductive organs such as ovary needs to be after the age of 20. After ovarian function matures, it can ovulate normally and form regular monthly events. Too young, organ development is not complete, too old, fertility decline. After the research, experts have pointed out that the best childbearing age for women is 25-29 years old. In the best childbearing age women, organ development is complete, energetic, physical fitness is also in the best period. < p > < p > female childbirth should grasp this optimal age group. Too early or too late will have high risks and disadvantages, not only the health of the baby born is poor, but also has great harm to the pregnant women themselves. Women under 20 years old are immature in body organs, especially girls aged 11-14 years old are very young women. Due to insufficient blood supply of uterus and cervix, premature delivery is easy to occur. Premature infants have poor physical fitness, incomplete organ development and low survival rate. < p > < p > when women were young, they paid less attention to reproductive knowledge and their psychological maturity was not high. Their general concerns were learning and playing. After pregnancy, it is difficult to form regular eating habits, stay up late and indulge. Fetus in the intrauterine absorption of inadequate nutrition, poor health after birth, prone to repeated illness. < p > < p > after pregnancy, young women can’t complete their studies, have low education level, can’t raise children well, and can’t cultivate children’s healthy personality. Because of the early entry into society, the general economic ability is very poor, so can not give a good environment for children to grow up. Under economic pressure, due to the low sense of social responsibility, it is easy to abandon children. < / P > < p > when a woman conceives and gives birth to a child prematurely, it puts pressure on the body that is not yet fully developed. The fetus in the belly will also compete with the pregnant mother for the nutrients of growth, which will affect the physical development of the pregnant mother who is also in the process of development. Women over 35 years old have poor ovarian function, poor egg quality and low estrogen level, so they are not suitable for pregnancy. From the psychological point of view, modern women’s life pressure, busy work, irregular work and rest, infertility rate is generally high. < p > < p > with the increase of age, thyroid function will have an impact on estrogen, resulting in luteal insufficiency and increased risk of abortion. Older maternal endocrine disorders, low body resistance, these will increase the risk of abortion. With the increase of age, the risk of hypertension is increased, and the metabolic ability of glucose is poor, so the elderly women are prone to a variety of pregnancy complications. Pregnancy complications are very harmful to the life of pregnant women, so we can only give cesarean section or terminate pregnancy in advance. And easy to cause fetal development abnormalities, resulting in stillbirth. < p > < p > after the age of 35, the rate of chromosomal abnormality in women will be doubled, which will lead to the increase of fetal congenital malformation rate. The data show that the proportion of cleft lip and palate and Down’s infants is very high. < p > < p > after the age of 40, women’s physical strength decreased and their energy to take care of their children was obviously insufficient. Children who neglect discipline are prone to various psychological problems, and their learning ability is not high. < / P > < p > in addition, a study by the London School of economics and politics found that babies born at the best childbearing age are more intelligent. Mothers at this stage have a stable income and a more mature mind, and their children tend to perform better in society. 2