If you are middle-aged, you can’t help but do more things

By the age of 40, a man is equivalent to a turning point in his health. If he can take good care of his body in his middle age, his life in the second half will be more enjoyable. What do men need to pay attention to when their physical function is on the decline? In the first 40 years, perhaps depression or enthusiasm have been brought into full play. The rest of the 60 years is no longer the encouragement of friends and family in business, but a healthy body. The decline of hormone level is inevitable. If you want to be healthy, the most important thing is to control. The first thing to do is smoke. If you haven’t quit smoking in middle age, it’s harmful to lung health. Of course, the existence of long-lived smokers is not ruled out, but the toxic substances in tobacco in the blood for a long time may also cause liver problems. < p > < p > in life, some middle-aged men always smoke and need the company of cigarettes almost all the time. Frequent smoking is a potential health hazard for men. May not smoke a cigarette is not able to do, but do not tight to control, less smoke, slowly will find that breathing more and more unobstructed. The second thing is to stay up late. Maybe one day in middle age, the leader discovered your talent and promoted you to be a supervisor. Men think that this is a good opportunity to develop their own career, whether in the company or after going home, they always stay up late to do various reports. < / P > < p > liver detoxification will not work well because of staying up late. If this happens for a long time, the liver may face the possibility of pathological changes. Toxin has been accumulated in the body, plus some men can not avoid social intercourse, drink more, the risk of fatty liver is much higher than ordinary people. The third thing is smoking. For lung health, the self-evident damage factor is tobacco. Once, scientists have done research and analysis, and a cigarette corresponds to a life span of 7 minutes. It may seem that there is no concept. It can be said that every cigarette inhaled is an accelerator for lung cancer. < / P > < p > for smoking, we must be moderate. It is needless to say that smoking is harmful to the body, and there are hints on the streets and even on the packaging boxes of cigarettes. But can not resist the temptation of tobacco, can not help smoking a few more cigarettes, may be an important reason for more and more injuries to the body. < / P > < p > early rest, develop a regular sleep biological clock, liver detoxification will be normal operation. Moreover, midnight is the most critical time for meridians to run. If you want to be energetic the next day, you might as well put down your mobile phone at 10:00 p.m. and get into sleep as soon as possible. < p > < p > in middle age, the functions of the body have not yet declined to the point of being unable to function. Take a walk in the hot water every day after work. It can also promote the ability of the wife to run in the hot water for a day. < / P > < p > the diet of middle-aged men has only one principle, that is, the combination of meat and vegetables, less meat and more vegetables. Obesity is the primary power of all kinds of diseases. If you eat a little light food, you will find that your condition is getting better and better, and your health will be guaranteed. When a man is middle-aged, his aging will follow. If you want to keep healthy, the best way is to control your husband and wife’s life, stay up late and smoke. We should also pay attention to rest and sports, in the second half of the decades to win in the starting line. Focus