If you don’t apply sunscreen correctly, it’s white! Do you know which ultraviolet rays are the most harmful?

In the hot summer, we all spend a lot of time to protect ourselves from the sun, such as sunscreen umbrellas, sunscreen clothes, masks, ice sleeves, and so on. We want to be fully armed and wrap our bodies tightly. Some people can’t stand it and think it’s too exaggerated, but Xiao AI tells us that it’s not exaggeration. Don’t underestimate the effect of sunscreen.

Americans like to sunbathe, which makes them a big country of skin cancer. According to a study published in the United States, half of cancer cases in the United States are skin cancer patients, and the number of new cases each year reaches 3.5 million, which means that on average, one in five people is suffering from skin cancer.

50% – 70% of skin cancer is caused by excessive ultraviolet radiation, which usually causes skin malignant melanoma, skin squamous cell carcinoma, skin basal cell carcinoma, etc.

in addition to inducing skin cancer, long-term exposure to medium and long-term ultraviolet rays will tan the skin, and can directly reach the dermis, destroy the collagen and elastic fibers of the skin, and further produce photoaging. In addition to skin darkening and aging, ultraviolet light can also lead to the increase of freckles, especially in summer, the color of freckles will be deepened.

for example, in the selection of sunscreen, you should first learn to identify the classification and wavelength of UV. Generally, there are four types of UV nm, and then choose different sunscreen according to different UV wavelengths.

UVA has strong penetration, which can destroy elastic fibers and collagen fibers, and is the “culprit” of tanning us; UVB penetration level is medium, but long-term irradiation will also make the skin blacken, and may lead to peeling; UVC belongs to short wave sterilization ultraviolet line, although the penetration is the weakest, it does great harm to human body, and can be burned in a short time Skin injury, long-term or high-intensity irradiation can also cause skin cancer.

besides the skin, the eyes should also pay attention to the damage of ultraviolet rays. The free radicals produced by ultraviolet rays have destructive effect on the lens cells of the eyeball, which will lead to cataract in the long run, and its damage is accumulated over time. Therefore, we must have a sense of protection in our daily life.

when there is plenty of sunshine, outdoor activities should be reduced, and the strong light should not be directly looked at. At sunrise and sunset, because the sun can be directly on the eyes, so the harm of these two periods is more serious than at noon. Sunscreen sunglasses, sunshade umbrellas and sunshade caps can play a certain role in blocking ultraviolet rays.

in addition, it should be noted that after taking some drugs, if the patients are exposed to the sun, they will produce photosensitive reaction, which will lead to skin swelling, tingling, pruritus, blisters, etc. These drugs are:

therefore, when taking photosensitive drugs, avoid direct sunlight. When you go out, you must take sunscreen measures. You can also adjust the time of taking drugs, such as taking medicine at night.

in the hot summer, people should do a good job in sun protection, at the same time, cars should also do a good job in sun protection. This is because many parts inside the car contain a lot of adhesive, and its main component is urea formaldehyde resin. After the car is exposed to the sun, formaldehyde resin will emit formaldehyde gas, which will lead to the increase of formaldehyde concentration in the car. The car is originally a relatively closed space, if in this case into the cab, then formaldehyde will directly harm the human body.

sun protection of automobile can be achieved through heat insulation film. Its main function is to achieve the purpose of heat insulation and sunscreen by reflecting light. In addition to the film, you can also through the form of shading net cover, to avoid the car directly exposed to the hot sun. Of course, if conditions permit, you can park your car in a cool place, such as an underground garage, when the sun is burning.

whether it’s people or cars, the main purpose is to avoid the damage caused by ultraviolet and high temperature. Therefore, in daily life, we must establish the awareness of sun protection to ensure our own safety and health to the maximum extent.