If you don’t change these three things in the kitchen, you may “spoil” the liver. Pay more attention at ordinary times!

There is no pain in the liver itself, so it is difficult to find out in time after the injury. It’s very easy to appear. It’s already in the middle and late stage after the discovery of liver disease. Therefore, it is very important to popularize some symptoms of liver disease.

many people think that halitosis is caused by oral and gastrointestinal discomfort. In fact, they are not the only ones that can cause halitosis. Liver diseases can also cause halitosis.

this is because the liver secretes bile to promote food digestion. If the liver disease, secretion function decline, food can not be fully digested, accumulation in the stomach will appear rotten phenomenon, the smell will be brought out when speaking.

armpit is a part that is not often exposed, but it often emits a lot of sweat. But generally these sweat is not pungent smell, if you notice that you have a long period of time, armpits are emitting a different smell from armpit odor, you should be careful that the liver is not good.

the liver has one of the most important functions of metabolism and detoxification. We all know that when people are sick, their work efficiency will be low, and so will the liver. After liver disease, metabolism, detoxification function is not as good as before, resulting in many toxins in the body, garbage can not be discharged.

at this time, they are excreted with sweat, and our armpit is easy to sweat, so a lot of toxins will be excreted from the pores of the skin under the armpit. Because there are clothes under the armpit that are not breathable, these toxins and garbage will quickly deteriorate and give off a very bad smell.

chopping boards are available to every household, and they are all wooden chopping boards. Some families only know the cutting board after cutting meat and chili. Some of the more excessive, raw meat and vegetables cut on the same side, do not clean. This kind of behavior is very undesirable, especially easy to damage the liver after a long time.

the toxin is carcinogenic, heat-resistant and insoluble in water. Once the toxin is carried on the board, it will stick to the food. As the food enters the human body, it will attack the liver cells, causing liver disease and necrosis.

Nowadays, many pots are coated with stainless steel, so the utensils for daily bowl washing become cloth. In autumn, the weather is humid. If the rag is not dried, it will always be in a humid state. In this state, bacteria are easy to breed, including aflatoxin.

most of the chopsticks at home are made of wood. If they are used for a long time, there will be many tiny food residues hidden in the chopsticks. In addition, they are not dried in the air when they are cleaned. When they are naturally dry, they are easy to become moldy and deteriorated, and aflatoxin will appear.

tea must be good. Yuntai ice chrysanthemum belongs to the most famous subspecies of ancient Huaiqing house, which contains many elements good for liver. For example, selenium, choline and flavonoids can nourish the liver. So many people call it “liver umbrella”.

the liver dominates the eyes, and the liver blood nourishes the eyes. If the eyes are used excessively, the liver will be damaged. At ordinary times, we should take more rest and close our eyes for a period of time after meals; if we stare at electronic products for more than an hour, we should let our eyes rest and relax.

conclusion: the liver is a very fragile organ. There are many habits in life that can damage the liver, so we try our best to ensure that we have good habits, especially the habit of staying up late, which is especially harmful to the body. Focus