If you don’t eat the right fruit, it will cause stomach discomfort. Please keep away from these three kinds of fruits

Introduction: most young people in modern cities have the habit of not eating breakfast, and often drink some coffee, cola and other drinks, which brings a great burden to their stomach, so most of them have mild stomach problems.

some people may have such a habit: once they feel that they have some slight discomfort in the body, they will take medicine, completely independent of the human body’s immunity. This will lead to a large number of drugs in the human body, which will affect the stomach, sometimes cause stomach injury, diarrhea and other conditions.

as the saying goes, disease comes from the mouth. Spicy hot, barbecue, spicy bar and other high fat, spicy food is the favorite of many young people. But after these foods enter the human body, they will stimulate the stomach, increase the burden on the stomach, often lead to indigestion, and sometimes lead to diseases such as gastric bleeding.

little friends with a little common sense all know that smoking and drinking are harmful to human health, and they will reduce our immunity. For the middle-aged and old friends, regular smoking and drinking will make the stomach aging ahead of time, and even bring some diseases, so that the stomach is also threatened.

when many people feel constipated, they will have a banana. This is because banana has the function of dredging intestines. We all know the advantages of eating bananas, but we don’t know the disadvantages.

in fact, the sugar content of banana is very good. After entering the human body, it will increase the blood sugar in the human body, and also stimulate the secretion of gastric acid, causing stomach discomfort.

persimmon is rich in nutrients, which can nourish blood and moisten lung. But if the spleen and stomach is not very good partner often eat persimmon, it will easily cause diarrhea.

especially in the case of fasting, the pectin in persimmon will form small pieces in the human body, which are difficult to decompose in the stomach, and then rub the stomach, causing discomfort.

the development of the food and broadcasting industry has brought a new trend. All over the world, there will be some activities to open the market and promote sales.

but in fact, this kind of activity similar to overeating can cause great harm to the human body, especially the stomach. Our stomach’s ability to digest food is limited. Once it exceeds the bottom line, our stomach will strike, and even make us unable to eat.

in our daily life, we can drink some stomach nourishing ingredients such as Hericium erinaceus, clove, seabuckthorn, barley and poria cocos in water to enhance the function of the stomach. Their principle is as follows:

Hericium erinaceus: Hericium erinaceus is a common stomach expert, and many people love it. It can regulate the digestive system and stomach function, but also can effectively eliminate Helicobacter pylori, creating a more robust stomach.

Seabuckthorn: Seabuckthorn has many advantages, the most common of which is promoting digestion. When you accumulate food, a little Seabuckthorn can speed up gastric motility and promote digestion.

conclusion: the stomach is our important digestive organ, once our stomach has problems, it is difficult to recover. As the saying goes, “the stomach depends on feeding, so we should take care of our stomachs from our daily drip, eat more foods that are easy to soften and soften, drink a cup of Yangwei tea regularly, and eat healthier every day. Privacy Policy