If you have cancer, don’t panic. The doctor tells you that you can do three things or coexist with cancer cells

Cancer is one of the diseases that can lead us to death. Do you remember Yao Beina, who appeared in the public’s view as a popular singer in the talent show? At this time, we all know that she sang all the familiar opening songs and episodes. She was a rising star in the singers, but she left the world forever because of breast cancer on January 16, 2014, and everyone will be happy again The first time I saw the horror of cancer, I could easily take away a person’s life. < / P > < p > most cancer patients collapse when they know their condition, and feel that they are hopeless. 80% of the patients in the early stage have the hope of cure. Even in the late stage, we can also find the correct treatment method, correct intervention, and achieve coexistence with cancer cells. < / P > < p > some cancer patients will have concerns during their illness, and always feel that many foods are not edible, such as meat and hair products. Because of the body’s reasons, there is no appetite, but also nausea and vomiting, so how can we fight with cancer cells if we can’t get enough nutrition. First of all, we should eat less meat, especially processed sausages, bacon and so on, because these meat will add additional substances, we do not know whether it will aggravate our disease. Every meal can choose to eat some vegetables, coarse grains, beans; with fruit to keep the intake of vitamins is also enough. Refuse barbecue, fried and other high fat. Salt and sugar should be strictly controlled within the standard range. You can also eat more fish. If you don’t want to go out, you can help do housework and let the body move. You can start to adapt from walking and gradually start running. After the body adapts, you can run further and the body gets enough metabolism, and the immune system will work better. < / P > < p > have enough sleep. The time of sleep is the best time for the body to adjust itself. At this time, all organs of the body are repaired, including the immune system. < / P > < p > release pressure, which will make our immune system work well. We can do yoga, listen to light music, and draw pictures to calm down. < / P > < p > it must be a bolt from the blue to know that I am suffering from cancer. My mind is all about whether I am going to die, how long I can live, and why I am the one who has cancer. Because people already have a fixed thinking that cancer is a death sentence. In fact, we just need to summon up the courage to cooperate with doctors during the treatment, and we should have 100% confidence in doctors. There is also communication with the same patients at any time, because only they can do empathy, understand your sadness, come on together, so that the mood will be more cheerful. < / P > < p > due to the need to take a lot of drugs during cancer, and need to constantly change according to the condition. Regular review can find problems, such as this medicine is not enough now, need to increase the dosage, this medicine can not be used, and so on. Doctors need to be able to detect changes in our bodies in time. < / P > < p > after this disease, it’s not a personal struggle. Your family, friends and doctors are always with you to fight cancer together. Don’t leave your depressed mind to yourself for digestion. You can talk to your family and friends, and strive to improve your immunity through exercise and diet. You must fight cancer to the end. 08/17/2020