If you want a good skin, don’t believe it. It’s not worth wasting time to hurt your skin

Seeing this problem, I can’t help but think of a girl’s question some time ago. She said that she had seen a dermatologist for two or three years. The doctor said to stop cosmetics, only moisturizing. Then the little girl found all kinds of folk prescriptions on the Internet and recommended by various bloggers. However, sensitive issues have not been well ~ < / P > < p > like this little friend yesterday, if you go to see a doctor, I believe the doctor will give relevant suggestions. But most people don’t want to follow the doctor’s advice. Instead, they look for various methods on the Internet and ask me which ointment is good? < / P > < p > to be honest: I get angry every time I see this kind of problem. These small buddy can run to me and ask more people, or find more small folk recipes, all kinds of so-called acne removal, can fix sensitive ointment and mask products. < / P > < p > after most people have skin problems, the first thing they think of is to check the Internet to see what products others use. See if there is any recommendation from Internet Celebrities and bloggers. < / P > < p > even in the medical and aesthetic fields, most people depend on other people’s planting grass and freckle removing. The hot Maggie generation is better. Then go directly to buy products, or to the medical institutions to do a project. When you meet a reliable doctor, you may be lucky to give you some feasible suggestions. If you encounter a doctor who is not reliable, you can only leave it to fate. However, in fact, even if the same problem occurs on the face, the causes of the problem are different. Why are you more willing to believe in Internet Celebrities and bloggers than in professional doctors? < / P > < p > recently, I saw dad Ling take Ling Xiao to see a doctor last night. A dialogue between Dad Ling and the doctor is very suitable for material here. Is Ling PA like us who have skin problems everyday? Always hope the doctor to give a clear answer: how long can acne be good, the spot on the face to do several times treatment can be good? < / P > < p > we try to get a clear answer from our doctors and give ourselves a reassurance. But for dermatologists, the development of any skin problem, the biggest impact on the disease is yourself, not the doctor can completely control. UV is the most important factor that causes long spots. No matter whether you do it or not, you should pay attention to sunscreen in daily skin care. Like the sun, but not willing to protect, the best way is to adjust their own aesthetic, there are spots, fine lines can also have different beauty. Take acne as an example: no regular product or dermatologist will tell you that after using a certain product for a few weeks, the acne will disappear. Acne is caused by many factors. Medication or skin care products are only one of the solutions for improvement. If the basic skin care, daily diet and living habits are not improved, even the medical treatment and acid brushing will only treat the symptoms rather than the root causes. The reason why dermatologists can’t give you a definite answer is that they understand that there are various factors causing skin problems, while doctors can only give you solutions. There are many deviations in the actual implementation process. For example: you ignore sunscreen, stay up late for a long time, eating habits and so on. These are beyond the doctor’s control. < / P > < p > on the contrary, most people don’t have any professional knowledge. In addition, some interest driven, the more exaggerated the effect, the better the effect, the more eye-catching, the higher the benefits. However, most netizens don’t know which one is attractive to them. So, in a certain voice and small H book, those who rely on the P map to turn their P into whitening skin whitening, all kinds of ingredients, such as homemade facial mask, can make eye balls. < / P > < p > for myself: when there is a small problem, first of all, I will reflect on whether there is a problem with my recent basic skin care according to the problem, whether there is a problem with my recent diet and living habits, and finally I will consider whether it is a product problem. If I can’t find an answer, I will go to the dermatologist directly. Take today’s acne for example: children are going to start school. Yesterday, we arranged a family barbecue with two good friends of grape. As long as you get older, as long as you stay up late and eat wrong, problems will break out immediately.

had a feeling that he might have a bad acne today. He used a combination of the fruit and acid collocation with A’s alcohol essence before going to bed. But this morning, there were three huge acne on the chin. < / P > < p > although I have acne, I will not panic. Because I know the cause of acne and know how to solve it. If the acne lasts for a long time, and it is very serious, I can’t calm down. I will definitely see a dermatologist. < / P > < p > therefore, when you encounter skin problems, if you can control them yourself, you can handle them by yourself. If you have no idea, the most reliable way is to see a doctor. < / P > < p > but no matter when, I don’t search the Internet for all kinds of strange methods, and I don’t go to see what other people use. Even if other people’s ointment, method is recommended by the doctor, it is also suitable for others, not necessarily suitable for me. < / P > < p > have already seen a dermatologist, why not listen to the doctor? Don’t mention me as a little blogger with no medical qualification. Even if the teacher is such an excellent person, if the patient has seen a doctor, he will not give any suggestions at will. All of them should give priority to face-to-face consultation. What’s more, what confidence do I have that I feel more professional than dermatologists? < / P > < p > OK, the above is today’s content, I hope it can help you ~ my name is Miya, if you want to know more reliable beauty knowledge, please remember to praise and pay attention to ~= https://luanban.com/category/healthy/ target=_ blank>HEALTHY LIFE