If you want Taibao to develop more smoothly, the pregnant mother should be lazy secretly and the husband should not do it

Old people often say that pregnant mothers should be lazy after pregnancy, so that their babies can develop better. However, the laziness here does not mean that pregnant mothers really stay in bed.

after many people know the news of pregnancy, their first reaction is to take more rest to raise their babies. They can sit, never stand, or lie down and never get out of bed. However, obstetrics and Gynecology experts say that they should not be too lazy during pregnancy, otherwise both mother and child may suffer.

my mother-in-law thinks that Manman is too hasty. However, because she did not pay attention to her previous pregnancy and miscarriage, Manman was still in fear, so this time she was directly raised at home.

after hearing this, the doctor’s face immediately changed: “you didn’t need to protect your fetus before, how can you not get out of bed? No wonder the body is so bad that you can’t keep your baby. It’s a lack of exercise. ”

old people often say that the pregnant mother should be lazy after pregnancy, so that the baby can develop better. However, the laziness here is not to let the pregnant mothers really stay in bed, but to be meaningfully lazy. For example, when they should be lazy, they should be lazy.

Nowadays, many young couples live separately from their parents, and they need to be self-sufficient in many aspects during pregnancy. Some pregnant mothers are quite open-minded and let their husbands do whatever they can, while others are born to work hard and like to do it by themselves.

However, if a pregnant mother does some housework that requires bending down, squatting down, or standing at a high place, or putting herself in a state of overwork, accidents are very likely to occur and endanger the healthy development of the fetus.

snacks can be said to be the best partner for leisure time. In addition, the taste changes after pregnancy are even more missed. However, most of the snacks on the market are not suitable for pregnant women. For example:

the endocrine condition during pregnancy is closely related to the pregnant mother’s mood. When the pregnant mother is angry, anxious, or her mood fluctuates too much, the hormone level in her body is easy to be disordered, thus affecting the fetal health Often developed.

especially in the early stage of pregnancy, the embryo has not yet developed stably and can not have too much stimulation. In the later stage of pregnancy, the fetus develops rapidly and forms pressure on the uterus, so the pregnant mother can not accept too much stimulation, otherwise it is easy to aggravate uterine contraction and premature delivery.

However, pregnant mothers should not be lazy in everything, otherwise, they will not only suffer from their own sufferings, but also may involve the fetus, and the gain will not be worth the loss. For example, in the following two things, the pregnant mother must be diligent.

doctors suggested that there was no low placental position and threatened abortion. Pregnant mothers need proper exercise during pregnancy, and these exercises are beneficial to the development of the baby.

in addition, under the guidance of professionals, you can also do some yoga exercises during pregnancy, which can help to improve physical function and physical strength, avoid fat accumulation, and raise “giant children”, which is a hidden danger for future production.

usually, after 16 weeks of pregnancy, the pregnant mother can perceive different degrees of fetal movement. Although there is no regularity at first, with the increase of gestational weeks, it will gradually become regular and rhythmic.

doctors said that fetal movement is a barometer of the healthy development of the fetus. By counting fetal movements, we can know the abnormal development of the fetus at the first time and rescue it in time to avoid tragedy.

a pregnant mother can choose a fixed hour in the morning, noon and evening every day to count fetal movements, and then multiply the sum of the three time periods by 4 to get the number of fetal movements in 12 hours.
in addition to the sudden decrease of fetal movement, there is also the most possible way to judge if the fetal movement is reduced.