If you want to give birth easily and quickly like lightning, it is very important for a mother to spend her pregnancy scientifically

Many of the men who used to scoff at the birth of babies thought, “don’t you just have a baby?” After the experience, I cried bitterly, “wife, you have worked hard.”.

Xiaojia’s mother-in-law has a more traditional concept of giving birth to a baby. As soon as she is newly married, her mother-in-law is looking forward to the birth of her “great grandson”. However, Xiaojia thinks that she should strive for her career for a while for the sake of her two people’s world and her baby’s growing environment.

when the family’s economic conditions stabilized, Xiaojia and his wife decided to have a baby. During pregnancy, Xiaojia refused her mother-in-law when controlling her weight. Xiaojia didn’t accept the theory of “one person eating two people supplement”.

even if her mother-in-law is not satisfied, Xiaojia still controls her diet. During her pregnancy, she also practices air yoga. Her mother-in-law is frightened, so Xiaojia changes to ordinary yoga. This adhere to a pregnancy, Xiaojia’s edema is not serious, when the baby was born also did not suffer a lot of crime. Well, it’s the most popular sentence. It seems that everyone agrees that if the mother eats more good food, the baby will also be supplemented with nutrition. In fact, even two people do not need to “deliberately” supplement nutrition.

some energy that can’t be consumed can be added into the body. The mother doesn’t absorb it, and the baby doesn’t absorb it. The fat on the body is absorbed completely. That’s called “taking all the fat according to the order”. The longer the fat is, the more it will be.

not only is the mother fat, but the baby is also fat. It’s not a good thing for the baby to be fat. If the belly grows too big, if it is more than 8 kg, it has to be taken out by laparotomy. So mother in the face of big fish and meat, to be cautious, diet to maintain a balanced nutrition.

now science recognizes that breastfeeding has an effect on the recovery of a mother’s body, but it can’t be too fat. The baby eats milk, not fat!

according to the Chinese Nutrition Society and Sears’ Encyclopedia of pregnancy, it is reasonable for mothers with pre pregnancy weight standard to gain 11.5-16kg during pregnancy; for those who are thinner before pregnancy, it is more reasonable to increase their weight during pregnancy between 12.5 and 18 kg; for those who are slightly fleshy before pregnancy, the body fat rate is between 25-29.9, and the weight gain during pregnancy is between 7-11.5kg; while for those who are obese during pregnancy, the body fat rate is between 30 and 30 On, the best pregnancy weight gain should not exceed 9 kg.

from early pregnancy to late pregnancy, the baby is growing up every day, as well as the weight of amniotic fluid and fat for breast-feeding. All of these “help” the growth of mother’s weight. And the mother’s diet and exercise plan should be adjusted according to the development of the baby during pregnancy.

for example, for mothers with standard weight before pregnancy, they should increase about 2kg in the first trimester, 3kg in the second trimester, 5kg before the seventh and eighth months of pregnancy, and 2kg before delivery, which is ideal.

it’s not a good thing for a healthy pregnant mother to lie down and “raise her fetus”. During pregnancy, report to a professional yoga class, and take a walk in the sun in the third trimester of pregnancy. In this way, the mother’s labor process will be faster when she has a natural birth.

birth check-up is necessary. If you want to have a natural birth but the conditions are not allowed, it is not impossible to have a caesarean section; if you want to have a natural birth, you can also have a painless birth. Therefore, you should pay more attention to the knowledge of pregnancy and childbirth during pregnancy, so that your mother will have more confidence in giving birth.

you can also look at the teaching videos and lectures on pregnancy and childbirth, so as to understand how to use force first, so as to save labor during production, so as to avoid being in a hurry in the delivery room. Luanban