If you want to keep your breast healthy, these three things should be done frequently to keep your breast healthy

Q & A: many girlfriends have breast hyperplasia. Do women have breast problems in middle age? How to maintain them? To avoid breast hyperplasia. < / P > < p > with the development of the times, breast hyperplasia has become a very common female disease among women. According to statistics, more than half of women in China have the problem of female hyperplasia. Breast hyperplasia is closely related to the diet and life in life. If you want to avoid hyperplasia of mammary glands, you should live a good life. < p > < p > women play an important role in normal families. They have to work, cook and take care of their children. Long time of family chores and work conflicts, it is easy to cause women more irritable, irritable. When the mood is more irritable, the spleen and stomach system will be abnormal, causing Qi and blood to go to the brain, causing damage to the breast. Under the pressure of modern social work, women are inevitable. Many women have to stay up late to work overtime or work and socialize. Staying up late for a long time leads to the decline of body immunity. At night, the body metabolizes and self repairs the body. Because there is not enough sleep, resulting in metabolic efficiency is not good, human endocrine is also easy to imbalance, resulting in decreased immunity, abnormal female hormone decomposition, breast hyperplasia. < / P > < p > women also need social intercourse just like men. Drinking alcohol for a long time can lead to hyperplasia of mammary glands. The hormone secretion in human body is abnormal when drinking, and the system of human body appears disorder. Body hormone is also unstable, easy to stimulate the breast, resulting in breast diseases. So for the sake of health, it’s better for women to drink. < / P > < p > a healthy diet is very helpful to the mammary gland. At ordinary times, people should eat less purine and tonic food, which can easily aggravate the problem of breast hyperplasia. So usually you can eat more light food, fruits and vegetables, coarse grains, etc. Keep healthy nutrition intake every day, eat less greasy and spicy food. It is easy to cause blockage of blood vessels in the body, resulting in imbalance of body system, resulting in slow blood circulation of mammary gland and breast problems. < / P > < p > exercise can exercise the body, but also can help women’s breasts, adhere to long-term exercise, blood circulation in the body is accelerated, dredge blood vessels. The body’s immunity will also be improved to avoid the risk of disease. Long term exercise can strengthen the metabolism of human body and eliminate toxins and garbage in the body, which can effectively protect the breast. And a long time of exercise, will prevent those who appear chest sagging, let the chest more straight, more feminine charm. < / P > < p > women should drink at least eight glasses of water a day. Drinking more water can replenish the water needed by the human body. Can also promote their own blood circulation, strengthen the metabolism of the human body. It can excrete toxins and garbage in the body through urine and defecation, which helps to dredge and harmonize qi and blood. < p > < p > Zhang Zhongjing’s record: Lycium barbarum, lily, Gardenia jasminoides, Pueraria lobata, etc. have certain effects on the maintenance of women’s breast health, which can help women resist breast disease and prevent breast hyperplasia. The traditional Chinese medicine recommended that the prevention of breast hyperplasia is also recommended to use these medicine and food homologous ingredients for brewing, filter the ingredients before drinking, to alleviate the problem of breast hyperplasia in women. The effects of ingredients are as follows: < / P > < p > the process of making tea bags is more complicated. A tea bag can solve the problem of making tea bags. When drinking, take out one bag and brew it for about five minutes, which is very convenient. Conclusion: female mammary gland hyperplasia has become a common female disease, many of which are caused by trivial things in life, resulting in internal disorders. If you want to prevent hyperplasia of mammary glands, you should first have a good attitude, a healthy diet and a regular life, so as to better protect the breast. Next