If you want to train your chest muscles, you may as well use push ups to bomb quickly. Here I will come up with two plans

Chest muscle is a muscle group that many people pay more attention to, and many people will rely on a lot of equipment, which is also a big reason for everyone to be lazy. Why? Because, when you find that the equipment is all in the hands of others, you will properly find such a reason for yourself. If the equipment is not available, play first, and then use a mobile phone for three hours a night. When the time comes, take a bath and leave! < / P > < p > one of the advantages of this program is that 1-2 sets of dumbbells can handle your training. Then, you occupy your position, do not walk around casually, this combination can be finished, no one can occupy your equipment. < / P > < p > choose a chest bird action that you can complete 15 times. However, the 15 times I mentioned are under the premise of standard posture. The 15 times should be completed in a state of more effort rather than in a relaxed state. < / P > < p > in the beginning, you need to complete these two actions, and then each action is done 15 times in a row with no break time. When you’ve done both moves, take a 1-3 minute break. Then, continue to do it. At this time, do the two actions 12 times each. Then continue to rest, and then do two movements, each 10 times. The next group, 8 times per action, and the last group, 6 times per action. < / P > < p > this is a very exciting super group. If you finish it, but you don’t feel much, it means that the weight may be light! You don’t need to change the weight because each group is losing weight. How about < / P > < p > is this plan appropriate? You just need to train in place, rest in place, I believe that before you finish training, no one will disturb you! < / P > < p > if your goal is to increase the thickness of your chest muscles, then I think that bench press is a better action, but push ups are actually the same thing. So, when you combine these two classic movements, it’s really different! < / P > < p > then, you can do 10 push ups and then immediately do 20 unarmed push ups. Then rest for 1-2 minutes. The weight of this push is above average, because you have 20 push ups to do, and then cycle five sets. < / P > < p > these are the two schemes I mentioned. Dare you challenge the new comers? If your push ups are not good enough, you can use kneeling push ups to train! Focus