In a family with daughters, the mother should tell her these four things in advance. It may be too late to talk about them when they grow up

With the improvement of modern technology, contraceptives are abundant, convenient and safe. However, many people, especially young people, do not pay attention to their health. < / P > < p > in order to pursue sensory stimulation, they choose not to use contraception or contraception method is incorrect, which leads to frequent gynecological diseases or abortion after accidental pregnancy, which is very harmful to the body. Therefore, if there is a daughter in the family, the mother should tell her these four things in advance from the third day of junior high school to the senior high school stage, so as to prevent the child from harming his body due to ignorance. < / P > < p > young, immature physical development, plus if the contraceptive method is wrong, and then abortion after pregnancy, it will cause great harm to health. < / P > < p > a mother should tell her daughter: what age to do and what to do; marriage and childbirth are carried out after adulthood, when they are physically and psychologically mature. If they start early, they are still young physically and mentally, and they are not responsible for themselves, their families and the next generation. < / P > < p > if possible, let the child take a bath every day. If the condition is not enough, you should also use water or special cleaning agent to clean the private parts, change the underwear every day, and put the underwear in the sun. < / P > < p > the mother should tell her daughter: if the cleaning is in place, the disease will not easily come to the door, and you must not be afraid of trouble. Your body depends on your own care. < / P > < p > the mother should tell her daughter: if you steal forbidden fruit and lead to an unexpected pregnancy, don’t panic. You must tell your mother that you can’t secretly go to a small clinic to make decisions privately. Mother will consider your situation, can be born, if really can not, must also go to the regular large hospital for safe flow of people, so as not to cause irreparable harm. < / P > < p > gynecological diseases have always been the “killer” of women. Regular physical examination in the course of a year can help you know your physical condition at any time. Once you are sick, you can take timely measures to treat them. Therefore, gynecological physical examination is essential. In addition, women can also be vaccinated to prevent complications. < / P > < p > the mother should tell her daughter: no matter how busy you are, you should have regular physical examination. You must not feel troublesome or think that your body is normal. Only by paying attention to your own physical condition can you strangle the danger in the cradle. < / P > < p > having a healthy body is responsible for both oneself and family. Women’s health can not be ignored. We must protect their own body, so as to live a more wonderful life. 08/16/2020