In addition to external care, internal adjustment is also very important for long spots on the face. Six kinds of fruits and vegetables “eat” good skin

Facial long spot in addition to some reasons for the sun, and UV also has a great relationship. Many people don’t pay attention to sun protection at ordinary times. As time goes on, their skin gets worse and worse.

not only is the surface rough, but when melanin precipitates, it forms spots. Some eating habits will also have a great impact on the spot, therefore, to scientific diet, reduce spots, “eat” a good skin.

when we were young, we often heard that eating too much soy sauce would make our skin black. In fact, eating too much soy sauce would cause facial edema, which is very bad for our skin. Eat soy sauce more, easy to cause pigmentation, let the skin look rough, resulting in spots.

salt is one of the indispensable elements of human body. Excessive salt intake will reduce the moisture content of skin muscle layer and bring harm to the body. Affect the normal metabolism of the human body, resulting in facial melanin dark, more obvious spots.

Girls pay more attention to carbonated drinks, but some sweet drinks are still girls’ favorite. These drinks contain a lot of sugar and additives, which are easy to cause obesity, bad teeth and bad for skin. In particular, dark coffee drinks can cause pigmentation.

these foods are not easy to digest and are extremely harmful to the liver. Once the liver is damaged, the body’s detoxification system will not work normally. More and more toxins are accumulated in the body, and a series of skin problems such as pigmentation and acne will appear.

although many people don’t like carrots, carrots are good for skin and can prevent rough skin. The vitamin A element in carrot, after the human body function, can desalinate the color spot, is also very good to the eye.

cucumber has the effect of light spot to lose weight. Besides eating it raw, it can also be made into Cucumber porridge. Put the cut cucumber into the rice porridge pot and boil it slowly until it is thick.

tomatoes are popular among girls because they have important antioxidant effect and can whiten skin. Many friends who lose weight also like to eat some tomatoes, which is also good for their health.

lemonade can whiten, which is very moving. We all know that lemonade contains vitamins, iron, calcium and phosphorus. Often drink lemonade can whiten freckle, of course, can also cut into slices of lemon applied on the face.

kiwi fruit has always been known as the “king of fruits”, because it is rich in nutrients, the content of ingredients far exceeds other fruits. Women eat more kiwi fruit can nourish the skin, make the skin more elastic and vitality. The most important thing is that it can reduce the formation of melanin and effectively lighten and remove freckles.

eating more wax gourd is not only good for the stomach, but also nourishes the skin. The fiber rich in wax gourd can increase the activity of skin collagen, and eating it often can reduce the growth of wrinkles.

if you have spots on your face, you should often eat less soy sauce and dark food, so as not to cause a large number of melanin and accelerate skin aging. And to drink less, too much drinking is easy to damage the liver, affect the body’s normal detoxification system, unable to inhibit the growth of melanin. Coffee, French fries and other fried foods are easy to lead to the increase of color spots.

when the body is abnormal, there are generally external manifestations. Besides the sun and genetic factors, there are also some reasons for the appearance of spots on the face, which are caused by the disorder of the body system. Traditional Chinese medicine on the regulation of freckle records: Saussurea involucrata, donkey hide gelatin, cinnamon, jujube, etc., can inhibit the production of spots, fade the existing spots.

in many cases, sebum deposition on the surface layer is caused by incomplete makeup removal and facial cleaning, which will form color spots in the long run. Therefore, it is very important to clean the skin, so as not to cause further growth of spots.

sunscreen plays an important role in preventing melanin deposition. If you don’t take good care in time, your skin will become rougher and rougher. In addition to sunburn, chloasma, do not pay attention to sunscreen will accelerate the emergence of age spots. CUISINE&HEALTH