In addition to the traditional upper ring and ligation, these contraceptive methods are more healthy than the traditional contraceptive methods

In life, there are many couples who spend a lot of time to have a child, and many couples experience accidental pregnancy without planting willows. Although the arrival of a new life is a good thing. But for those who already have children, or even have a second child, such a good thing will undoubtedly become a kind of surprise.

after all, the pressure of social life is so great that every family will make plans before raising children, otherwise it may bring unexpected pressure to life. Therefore, if you don’t want to have an unexpected pregnancy, the choice of contraceptive methods in daily life is particularly important.

many women will directly choose contraceptive ring as a long-term and convenient contraceptive method when facing their own long-term contraceptive needs. But before choosing this contraceptive method, we can not only see the advantages of contraceptive ring, but also need to seriously understand its risks.

Pingping, a good friend, put on a contraceptive ring without knowing clearly. Results at the beginning of this year, the contraceptive ring suddenly fell off, resulting in bleeding. At that time, during the epidemic, Pingping could only run to the hospital for surgery at the risk.

fortunately, it was found that the accident only brought about some bleeding and infection, without causing more serious consequences. After recovering, Pingping was still very frightened and said: “I’m really lucky. A girl in the next bed got an ectopic pregnancy after putting on a contraceptive ring. If I put it on me, I would be really crazy? ”

with the rapid flow of modern information, many doctors will carry out science popularization for people who want to contraception through various channels. In fact, compared with the traditional contraceptive measures, such as female contraceptive ring or male ligation, the current science and technology has more, more abundant and more suitable for different groups of people.

so when choosing a contraceptive method, we should know more about various kinds of measures, so as to choose the most suitable one for ourselves. The following contraceptive methods are all effective measures worthy of our consideration:

many female friends have not heard of this method, especially when they hear that one shot has no side effects and long-term contraception When the success rate is 99%, I’m afraid many people will naturally think that this is the exaggerated marketing of some kind of wechat products. But in fact, the contraceptive needle does exist, and the contraceptive effect is indeed very good, the success rate is indeed as high as 99%. However, it is not the needle used for injection in our image. Once the liquid medicine is injected, the contraceptive needle should be embedded in the female’s arm, so that the needle can release an appropriate amount of progesterone every day to inhibit the discharge of eggs, so as to achieve the effect of contraception. The operation of inserting contraceptive needle belongs to minor operation. The whole process of implantation is not complicated, but women who want to use contraceptive needle also need to have a physical examination before operation.

this is a very fashionable method of contraception, which has not been on the market for a long time. Contraceptive Gel is a contraceptive product specially developed for men, compared with many contraceptive products. It is also very convenient to use, that is, apply it on the designated position of shoulder or arm and wait for its absorption. Contraceptive gel has a contraceptive success rate of more than 90%, which is a convenient and effective contraceptive measure. Contraceptive gel has no lifelong effect on the male body. If the child wants to use the Contraceptive Gel, it will be ready for 3-4 months after the gel is stopped. Since Contraceptive Gel and contraceptive needle belong to contraceptive measures through external agents, it is necessary to go to the hospital for necessary physical examination before they are used, and at the same time, follow the doctor’s professional instructions.

I think we all know the role of condoms. As an old contraceptive, it’s probably older than many young couples. However, old age does not mean condoms are out of date. In fact, condoms are still the safest and most effective contraceptive measure. It can not only prevent contraception, but also effectively prevent the spread of diseases, which can be described as killing two birds with one stone. One of the important reasons why many people don’t like to use condoms in life is that they think it’s troublesome and they have to use them every time they live together. Other men also think that condoms will affect their feelings, so they don’t like condoms. But compared with ligation and contraceptive ring, condom risk index is almost zero.

husband and wife’s life is a very important part of intimate relationship, and contraception is also a very important part of husband and wife’s life. Therefore, when facing it, we need to consider it from many aspects. Only in this way can we be safer, more effective and more stable with our loved ones. Focus