In August, Chaoshan people like to use it to boil sugar water, sweet and moist, 80 yuan a catty, expensive point is also worth

People are not used to eating or drinking water after eating. Many Northerners have come to live in Guangdong for many years. They like the authentic soup of Guangdong and eat it with the times. In the autumn season, how can Cantonese prevent autumn dryness?

to prevent autumn dryness, eat more vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins, supplement water and nutrition needed by the body, so that the skin will not feel dry when the body is moist. In addition, there are some seasonal ingredients in Lingnan area, such as lotus root, lotus seed and Euryale ferox. Especially in August, fresh Euryale ferox which has just come into the market is very popular. Chaoshan area has a greater love for fresh Euryale than seafood.

Euryale ferox, also known as “chicken head rice” among Chaoshan local people, is usually dry product used in soup making, most of which are North Euryale. However, the Euryale ferox seeds in Chaoshan area and Suzhou area are all fresh in late summer and early autumn. The prices of fresh Euryale ferox on the market range from 80 yuan to 100 yuan per kilogram, plus the labor costs of transportation and packaging.

fresh Euryale ferox is white, glutinous and slightly sweet. It can strengthen the spleen and stomach. It is as simple as Chaoshan people would grab a few of them after a meal, add some rock sugar and osmanthus to boil water, and a bowl of moistening Euryale syrup is simple and delicious. Autumn in Lingnan is also very dry, so I like to use Euryale ferox and lotus seeds with sugar water, which is refreshing and refreshing, and can be dried again. The 80 yuan / kg Euryale ferox is a little expensive, but if you miss it, you will have to wait for next year. Take advantage of the season, let’s use it to share this recipe of boiling sugar water with Euryale ferox!

2. Water chestnut, also known as “horseshoe”, is the fruit of aquatic plants, which can clear away heat and remove dampness. But now there is a kind of “mini horseshoe”, which is smaller than ordinary horseshoe, and tastes waxy. If you can’t buy mini horseshoe, you can use ordinary horseshoe, just cut it into small pieces.

3. Prepare a small casserole, put all the rinsed Gorgon seed and cored lotus seed and horseshoe into the casserole, and bring to a boil for 20 minutes.

with these three ingredients, they are milky white, invigorating the spleen and stomach, moderate sweet taste, moistening and delicious. Lotus seed flour, Euryale ferox, soft glutinous, crisp and sweet horseshoe, are often used to cook sugar water with seasonal ingredients. Don’t worry about drying in autumn. Old people and children like to drink it.

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