In early autumn, if you want to keep your baby’s high appearance, you should do a good job in eczema protection

However, the red faced, chapped little guy is not so good-looking. Although the weather is still hot, but the solar term has entered the early autumn, the air has begun to dry up.

in the hot summer, Baoma often bathes her baby several times a day to clean and relieve the heat. But after autumn, the focus of nursing should be shifted to moisturizing and preventing eczema.

Nannan, a friend’s daughter, is particularly lovely. Other people’s babies are ugly like a little old man in their month. Nannan has always maintained a high beauty since she was born, and her eyelashes flash. Relatives all say that this child inherits the advantages of her parents.

the weather has turned cold these days, and the air has begun to dry up. Nannan’s face is not as warm as before. It looks a little dry and red, and the appearance of the little guy has been affected.

my friend was angry because of this: “why did this little face turn red? Will your appearance be lower? ” I said: “the baby is more sensitive to the season. As soon as the air is dry, the small face will dry immediately, so it is necessary to do a good job in moisturizing.”

at my suggestion, the frequency of friends’ bathing their daughters has decreased. In summer, taking a bath three times a day has now been reduced to once a day. It is cooler in the morning and evening, and there is no need to bathe the baby.

every time after taking a bath, my friend applied skin care lotion to the baby diligently. After a few days, the little guy’s face returned to its original warm luster and became a high-quality angel.

① climate reasons: autumn is the season of high incidence of eczema, mainly because of dry weather and dry matter. The skin of children just after the hot summer can’t adapt to the dry autumn, and it is easy to get red, dry and even eczema.

② genetic factors: if parents have frequent eczema experience, under the influence of genetic factors, babies are more likely to develop eczema, so special attention should be paid to the baby’s skin care.

③ skin allergy: the formation of eczema is also related to the baby’s weak immune system. Young infants are prone to allergic reactions, leading to the formation of eczema.

in summer, in order to clean and relieve the summer heat, most of Baoma mothers often take baths for their children, even 2-3 times a day. After entering the early autumn, sooner or later it has begun to cool, Bao Ma can reduce the frequency of bathing.

it is recommended to wash the baby once a day or every other day. It is better to take a bath at 13-15 p.m. when the sun is warmest to avoid cold. Bath water temperature, 36 ~ 38 ℃ is the best, do not use overheated water to bath, although the weather turns cold, but the baby’s young skin, or can not bear too hot water. Use less bath products

it is necessary to reduce the use of bath products in autumn. It is better for infants of small months to take a bath with water instead of bath liquid; for babies over 1.5 years old, it can be used once every 2-3 days.

after each bath, gently rub baby skin care products on baby’s skin. In autumn, it is recommended that moisturizing cream and moisturizing cream should be selected for moisturizing effect. In contrast, the moisturizing effect of moisturizing lotion is poor. It is not recommended to use in autumn.

if the baby’s face is dry and red, cold compress with wet towel can be used to calm and soothe the baby; after cold compress, remember to apply moisturizer to baby to protect skin.

if the baby’s skin has already shown signs of dryness and redness, treasure mothers don’t have to wait for each bath. They can also frequently apply moisturizer to the baby, so that the baby’s skin is always in a warm and moist state.

the indoor air humidity should be 50% – 60%. This season is relatively dry. If the air conditioner is turned on at home, the air will be more dry.

it is recommended that Baoma’s bedroom be equipped with a humidifier to properly replenish moisture in the air. When the air humidity is enough, the baby’s skin will also be moist.